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that...doesnt hurt in the slightest

dont get mad please

spongebob:hey patrick what am i now?

patrick:uhhh beans?

spongebob:no cirno

patrick:whats the difference?

so paulor, how does the coverart for bal-dixs basics look. this is a game/mod of your game (dont worry,the credits screen youre the 1st one on the list)

oh cool my fanart of me murdering the free exclusive edition

but in all seriousness i would have rather you call me a sick perv instead of this

oh good. my family loves this drink.

(p.s. i know this is a joke. i was just playing along)

oh, this is the tthanks i get. not even a cranberry sprite

i already know about the playtime invisible jumprope and a trick

i always check game pages for sprites. and lone behold. heres one now!

the baldi in this art fits the discription:IM GONNA KICK UR @$$ OK!?

hey, you guys remember school? ya know, the part where the doors explode in your face?

yeah, my dad says he won't fork over  $10 to download the full game. so I can't make a mod anytime soon

hey basically games will we e able to mod baldis basics plus?


5 stars

gaha! YOU'RE MINE!

im, about to whip somebodys @$$

cleanse me of free exclusive edition! please?

not me, baldisbasicv. not x were different people


HAHAHAHA! im everywhere you go!

just an idea, 1st ask mystman12 if you can add new bbked 1.1 stuff. if yes,add them. if no, don't add them.

not that its wrong to be gay its just, oh god you suck!

don't, make me gay...


then you lie. and by the looks of it, you do that alot!

yeah, but that description fits you better...=)

just like you!

(1 edit)


old lab farmer baldi?

there you are!

hey, you need to shut up! =)