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This game was well done. Definitely got me feeling uneasy. I cant wait for the full release!

This game has GREAT writing! I love the twist at the end most definitely gave me the creeps! 

This game gave me big creepy vibes towards the end! (2nd game)

This game made me scream!  (First game)

This demo gave me a good scared! can't wait for the full version

This game scared the heck outta me! Can't wait for the full version!

I think I played the early version of this game a week ago but it's a very fun game!

This game was very terrifying! Great game and awesome voiceacting!

This game had me screaming! I love the atmosphere and the jump scares

This game had me screaming! 

This game for real scared me towards the end! (2nd Game)

So many jumpscares I Love it! 

This among horror game was so unique and probably one of the best horror game I played on this site. It had me screaming and I like that!