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Hi, does this contain looping .ogg music files for the battle/theme/town songs?

Looks really great, thank you Caz! 

Hmm, you're right, a lot of the issues you've raised is ones that came up in my mind as well.
Regardless, thanks for giving it a think!

Thank you for this major update, Ramza!
I've been following the development on this plugin for quite a while.
I understand the original intentions for this plugin, but this update (as well as the additive traits) will seal the deal for me!

May I offer a suggestion or idea for a feature? I don't want to try to bloat or complicate your plugin, but what do you think about the idea of party members having different crafting 'skill levels' as a optional choice the user can set up and then the player can pick which character can craft it?

For an example, you have Harold, Therese, Marsha and Lucius. Harold has a higher level in Weapon Forging than the others and gains levels faster. Therese is higher level in Armor Smithing, etc.
So naturally, the player will just pick however has the highest level to perform the craft since the chance is higher.

But what if there was a twist to where, if set up, different characters have different traits even if they're not well-versed in that crafting branch? Taking the example again of Harold. Let's say he has a skill level of 5 in Weapon Forging and Marsha is level 1. If you selected Marsha to perform the craft, she could have a passive special trait where if she does Weapon Forging, she has a chance to imbue states on any weapon with +MAT, +MP (or whatever the states do) corresponding to her level (maybe a formula?). E.g: level 1 WF would be a 10% chance for state1. Level 3 would be a 13% chance for state1 or a 5% chance for state2 which is a better version of state1.
Lucius could have a "Careful" passive where he has a +7% chance to craft WF items.
Therese has a +25% chance to craft axes, spears and clubs, but -10% to all other weapons types (that are tagged).
Again, something the user would have to set up so those who don't wish to use this system (and use it how it currently is) isn't forced to use this. Or maybe as an extension.

Would give different reasons to use other characters other than whoever has the highest level.
Not sure how hard this would be to implement, but I thought that I would share this before I forget.

Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.

Looks sick, definitely gonna pick this one up!

Wow, superb work! Excited to see more, especially the ice and dark palaces!

Ah, that's what was tripping me up!
Nothing was happening for the attack skill so I assumed it didn't work for anything else. Just tried it and it works just fine for skills!

I probably would've been confused if it was intended or a bug if I tried it for skills earlier.

Thanks for clearing it up, as it was a huge oversight on my behalf. Looking forward to future scripts!

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I really like this script!

I would like to ask a question. Is it possible to add a additional formula alongside the weapon's formula? From my understanding, the formula gets overwritten no matter what else is put alongside the eval, except multiplication?

For example, a skill that deals [a.mhp*0.1 + eval(this.weaponFormula())] damage. If not, if it's not too much trouble, I'd like to offer it as a suggestion.

Hello, thanks for responding! You have me sold. Lots of cool things can be done with this - for both the defender and attacker, as well as opening up even more gameplay options. I'm excited to use this as well as combining it with the parry extension!

I've actually been following you for some time, but I forgot about the splendid scripts you make, cheers!  

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I'm uncertain, does this require Yanfly's Battle Engine Core? I'm interested in getting this, but I currently use another author's battle systems (like MOG's) and I'm wondering if everything would work fine (I use front view). I don't mind the shield effect not playing, just simply wondering about the mechanics itself.

Also, does the shield block have any functions that can be used for the Buff & States Core? Such as (target.result().shieldBlocked)? x : y, or something similar

Ahhh, you did the katanas - thank you, Caz!!

These are really good! Good to see you back & thanks for sharing!

More armor and weapons are always appreciated!
Do you think there is any chance for a pack to include some katanas? <3<3

I bought this over at gamedevmarket many moons ago, and apparently, it says the last time it's been updated was 2017, which was version 1.2(?). Is there any chance for everyone who bought it there receive the v2 update too? 

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Looks real beautiful, a real shame they won’t be available for the pre-MZ makers. I felt this was inevitably going to happen. 

Keep up the good work though!

Really love your animations, been following ever since the release of Quintessence.

Very curious what's coming next after the 8 elements are completed. Healing? Either way, I'm looking forward to it!