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suggestion: if you keep the current objectives for version 2, maybe let the player continue to play with the next easier objective after he ran out of time instead of giving up on the colony. If a player fails to reach the population within the time limit for medium, maybe they can still have fun trying to get there within the limit for easy mode.

Thanks, this has definitely done the trick.

sure, I will test it.

playing this now and got several nasty surprises. why the hell can water pumps not be deconstructed? also, power lines? if you want to keep the game really hard, ok but at least give some kind of description or warning about the types of building that can and cannot be deconstructed.

another interesting option would be to be able to pause operations of a building to free up some of the workforce without deconstructing the thing entirely. though this would make the start significantly easier, which might not be wanted.

Hi all,

I just downloaded this demo and gave it a try because it looked awesome.

Sadly, the game (even when just displaying the title screen) uses about 25W on my laptop CPU, which completely ruins the mood. The laptop quickly gets blazing hot and the fan starts spinning like crazy.

I tried lowering the consumed power by limiting my CPU clock speed with the "ThrottleStop" app which is usually quite effective for these things, but the clock never went below 2200 MHz and power consumption stayed above 20 W.

I will probably not be playing this game anymore until this issue is fixed.