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where do I go to find the fuses for the generator?

is there a way to stop the maid from getting the drop on you in manipulating the player?

Is there something for setting it to english?

how do you use the sprays to fend her off?

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is it possible to get into more detail for each action as it kinda just becomes repetitive. With just some words being changed. Or maybe make it into a quest like story to get larger 

is it just carmelita fox for now?

any chance of further development in the game? or possibly a sequel?

hey by the way do you ever intend to allow the character gender to be chosen or is there no plans for a male pc

hey is there a guide for this

question how do I know i have the food for the delivery?

why not try adding in robots that are haywire and try to turn renamon into a milking cow aka make her breasts get bigger with injections to make them more productive and maybe genitals bigger as well.

it tends to crash after a bit like 2 minutes in

how do i get gnu to be un stuck in the wall

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hopefully the story is continued and game is updated

so is the means to aquire the dragon complete

is there any actual sex in the game or is it just growth

does anyone know where the head is located

by any chance will there be any furthere development of this

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also how do i trigger golden freddy

yeah did bonny get tweaked or something cause shes at my door every 30 seconds

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foxy ends up draining  all the power

i cant beat the last one theres not enough power

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it took so much work just to beat night 3

then ive found all the cutscenes then well the game was enjoyable

can someone tell me how i can get the other ending i cant seem to find out how not the throne room one the other one

I really wanna find the other ending

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wait there is going to be a remake that's quite awesome

i really hope there will be more content later on

also why is the clock so fast and the power drain so quickly

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also for tasks do i need to just do it 1 time also the q button sometimes works also for some reason foxy detects you when your under the table in reception

im trying to get the last scene also do i need to do each objective once?

im having trouble with the reception and kitchen i hide under the table and they still detect me but cant reach me

for some reason t only allows me to use the tounge

im trying to figure out the flower puzzle but i have all 3 colors but when i place them matching the colors it summons the succubus

it looks quite good but it was quite short

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can it be played without vr? or is it required

for some reason it comes up as a virus in my system and my anti virus removes it