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I'll never tell :)

There is a lot of info online that could better show you how to achieve PS1 Style graphics but some of the major constraints of the style are

Low resolution textures with limited color pallet, Low poly models(I used Blender and Sprytile), Limited Resolution (I scale the game to 320*240 with no aliasing), and Lo-fi Sounds (I just change the sample rate of recorded sounds to 8000 or 16000)

I recommend looking into the actual limitations of the PS1 and working with those limitations in mind.

There is also The Haunted PS1 Discord (their twitter has link in bio) which has a lot of devs also trying to achieve PS1 style in various engines so check it out if you are interested. Their game jams are the only reason I've finished my games!
I hope this helped wasn't sure how to answer this.

The game has to be run from the folder you extracted the zip. The exe should not be moved. It may also be that your using a 32-bit system which this game doesn't support.

Updated, this should be fixed now.