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Sorry for the annoyance, this is going to be the case with most self-published software on macOS catalina or newer.  😞 Some people are able to right-click and Open, in other cases your Gatekeeper settings may require you to run a command. As the other commenter noted, Google should be helpful here. I hope you were able to get it to work. 

Wow! Thank you so much for the awesome video! I'm glad you liked it :)

I don't really understand how the curve works, but this is pretty nifty!

I think I just generated a synopsis of The Witness:

> First-person puzzle with an avant-garde goal, and intense camera-animations.

this is really impressive, to the point where I read some of these and think "wait, is that actually a word though?"

I also thought it was interesting to browse through the morphemes in the source code.

I like the neon vibe you chose for this. I want to print them on stickers. i think it would be cool if i could generate a whole page/grid of skulls together.

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This is really cool! I love the sense of time and change over time. I played it a few times through and I enjoyed the differences that can occur in different histories. I would love it if there was some visual element to represent timescale, so you can see how far apart (or close together) certain events appear in time.

I loved the origin story and the voice work. next year you should make a project which generates bogus spiderman voiceovers.

Hey there, I'd love to try this but it crashes for me on macOS 10.13.3 High Sierra with this stack:

9               0x00007fff4729a95b TCoreTextEngine::LayoutSingleLine(THIThemeTextInfo*, float) + 59
10               0x00007fff4729a8c9 TCoreTextEngine::Layout(THIThemeTextInfo*, float, float, TextLayoutType) + 59
11               0x00007fff4729a635 TCoreTextEngine::GetThemeTextDimensions(double, THIThemeTextInfo*, double*, double*, double*) + 43
12               0x00007fff4729923e DataEngine::GetTextDimensions(void const*, double, HIThemeTextInfo*, double*, double*, double*) + 276
13               0x00007fff472990f9 HIThemeGetTextDimensions + 191
14               0x00007fff47298bbb HIMenuBarView::MeasureMenuTitle(MenuData*, unsigned char, float*, int) + 393
15               0x00007fff4729897a HIMenuBarView::MeasureAppMenus() + 226

this captures a good feeling