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Brothel, spies are gotten from the brothel.

Yes... although grappling is easier. You have to lower the enemy's balance when it's at it's lowest, it'll make them fall. Well to be fair you just need their balance to go lower then 0. Honestly I'd just stick with grappling, less of a pain. 

Steam is further updated, also as noted by the developer only the Steam and Patreon versions will be updated. If you're worried about it, the Steam version is not censored. 

Not every enemy but for some yes you can win against some enemies by just sex/seduction. 

If you need help with combat follow this link (helped someone else with combat in it). Already answered for Mouth Fiend.

For Lupa (if it's want I'm thinking) she is the involved in the last bounty hunter/brothel quest.

Here follow this link

It is, there are some parts of the game that are just like that (mostly achievement related), but once you know how to do it, it's a quick thing. This is the only Mouth Fiend I know of, as her scenes show up in the "Pervert" menu option under "Mouth Fiend" assuming you haven't already done it, do it on Ironman mode for the extra bonus point.

Remember YOU MUST go to the brothel first, and be rough with a girl (Dasiy).At the brothel hire Daisy, ask for a blowjob, force her to deepthroat, do this twice, then explore the Town Square, the Mouth Fiend (Name is Lura of Buccara) should come up to you acting as a fangirl, there will be a skill check (Perception 8), fail that and you'll get taken to a strange castle , well a 2 tile area, 1 tile "forest" the other "strange castle" go to the "strange castle". Once there answer no to her first question (options, yes, no, insult her, go with no) the next 3 questions I don't think really matter, next when you get a chance to get free "actually reshackle yourself" the next choice should be if you want it deep or hard, honestly I don't think it matters.

I literally did this while typing this to make sure it works, it does.

She's at the brothel... well related to the brothel, and the achievement "Gokkun"

Hire a girl for a blowjob, force her to deepthroat you (do this twice), then explore the town square. Answer no, then do not escape.

Do note, this worked for me (other people have their own ways). To get the most bonus points, get achievements in Ironman (Seat of Power is stupid easy, so is, locked up, perfect toy, and nine-tenths). Every bonus point helps with making a stronger character. The wiki helps, though is very incomplete. If you need more help let me know, pref on something like discord terrasizzak#6285

I can only speak from my experience, but Enchanter starting with 3 Strength, 7 Charisma, and 4 everything else works well for every situation. Of course there are better starts, but they require bonus points. If you need a few points then here 2 different ways to get 3 achievements on Ironman mode (so 3 points, instead of 1.5).

Important skills to max (in no order) Spring Attack, Careful Attack, Tempo Attack, and Armor Crusher. I know some will say Armor Crusher is pointless, but it's nice to have just for those annoyingly armored foes.  

As you get Soul Crystals you can use them to upgrade your weapon, only weapons to really use are Club, and Rapier (Club Strength>Agility, Rapier Agility>Strength) though if you need a weapon quickly, do the ruins (you WILL need boots).

Use perk points for the 6 -ers (stronger, faster, harder, ect) first, prioritize Agility, Perception, and Endurance. The idea is to make it easy to dodge and hit your enemy, as well as dodge overworld hazards/traps (Agility), to know whats coming up on the map and what attacks your enemy is about to use (Perception), and to keep up an unrelenting assault (Agility+Endurance).

Money isn't too important, except for getting food (done by resting at an inn), other then that, get the stat boosting gear (second town/town of monsters), get the hunger charm (random overworld chest), and save for the best armor.

Source, myself, someone with all Ironman achievements.

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Her mother is the head of their comity btw.

Really, wow then that is a helluva coincidence. Technically the full name is Shimoneta: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn't Exist. Basically the Public Morals comity in that already won at the start and has far more (draconian) power. Be for warned if you watch it... you may lose your appetite for cookies for a while... after the cookie scene with Anna... also your taste for bottle water... thanks to the comity and Anna.

So... the whole Public Morals Comity (or whatever it's called), you got that idea from Shimoneta didn't you.

Did the same, but as a Warrior, no theft, only bought Perception Charm, though had 12 bonus points to spend (lvl 3 starting attributes, lvl 3 starting skills, lvl 3 starting perks, lvl 3 starting gold). Had 10 Strength, 8 [9] Endurance,  9 [10] Agility, 7 Perception, 1 Magic, 1 Charisma. Spring Attack 3/5, Careful Attack 2/2, Tempo Attack 2/2, and Orcblood. 

Just avoid werewolves, book it to Silajam, hear about the fight from the town crier, get the info about the witch, and the gem from eavesdropping (costs 30 gold total), start the 1st brothel quest and ask for more gold (get total 100 from this). Book it to the witch's cottage, get the item to beat the goddess by trading in the gem (optional, buy a Charm). Then book it to the goddess for a very easy win (no items used, took only 15 damage). Yes the brute strat works... A.K.A Me am strongeth boy, me am hit thing hard big stick hmmmm.

I suppose I should clarify, when I say "100%'d" I mean I got all achievements, so haven't seen all scenes (about 50ish% there).  You don't have to be in Ironman Mode to get any achievement, however, if you do get an achievement in Iron Man mode you get an asterisk by the achievement. Supposedly you do get additional bonus points if you get the achievement in Iron Man mode but I can live without them, as long as I got 3 for bonus starting attributes. Everything else well you can get by just playing the game/leveling up.  Otherwise you make 10 characters (minimum) to get every achievement on Iron Man. 

Yeah some of the achievements are screwy, they don't always work the way you'd think. Fight the centaur, lose via getting plowed. Like don't submit to them right way (like before the fight) otherwise that doesn't count. That should boost your Equestrian Score, do this at a score of 3 and you are taken to the centaur camp, also you get the achievement. 

Oh if you're having trouble with the ogre remember, she hits hard, but is inaccurate this can be exploited, also DO NOT TRY TO SEDUCE HER, that's an insta-loss.

Well... Not a true Futanari you can start with boobs, a nice ass, nice lips, and very feminine features... so there's that. Combat does take a while at first, while you are building up your first character; but once you have them built up, or another character with bonus points it goes pretty fast... for most fights (looking at you Demon Knight).

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If you mean which Arch-type (like Warrior, Thief, ect) I go Enchanter, focusing on Endurance (with bonus points), Agility, and Perception. The natural Charisma gets you Kylira. Which gives you a heal spell (heals for a lot). Agility and Perception for Dodging/Hitting (note you can also dodge over world traps).  Endurance for almost a perpetual attack. Strength and Magic... well... starting with 3, you can end with 6 (maxed Stronger and Witcher, can go higher with items), which is enough.

If you mean more specifically how I did it, can't recall exactly off the top of my head, but for a minotaur it's just picking the correct dialog. For the Demon Jester you need to win a challenge she gives you, which takes very high (like either 8+ or 9) Perception for 1, or Agility for the other, there are other challenges, but sense I have 9 for both at that point those are the 2 I take.

This works for me. I've seen/read about other people having success with other builds and characters. All this said I use my first character as an achievement getter, So when I actually make a more serious character I get a far better start. As a point of other people finding different ways yeah. Many different ways to play.

Mostly agree, however you missed something, Rapier can cause bleeding damage (DoT). There is another that can but it doesn't matter. Go either Rapier or Club, the others... they don't exist, ignore them. Do note, bleed damage doesn't happen right away, it may take 10+ stacks of it to take effect, that said the same applies to you; so 1 stack of bleed on you does nothing, but after a few you will start to lose health to it. Nice to combo into grappling.

At the moment the only (reliable) way I fount to get food (without fighting/sex) is to sleep in an Inn. There are ways to get food otherwise, but they're random, try to get the Hunger Charm (randomly fount in an over world chest) it'll reduce your food needs. Also sense I feel this'll come up, if you need gold go to the arena in the Town of Monsters (the second town). Slow, but guaranteed gold (as long as you can win, there are boss fights there).

The game is still very early release so the developer might add in playable female character, but there are other things that need/should be flushed out/finished, so don't count on it for a while.

I used bonus points and I still got achievements (though this was 02.17.0 if I remember).

Not every character is... just most... like 90+%. There is the Angel, the Orc (though you do have to fight her at least once, and she's a top). End game area the Demon Jester and Minotaur are pretty neutral to you, you can get by them without fighting/having sex. It's likely the game took some inspiration from C.O.C and T.I.T.S (both Fenoxo games).

Can't answer the quest marker question, I only 100%ed the game (as of 02.18.0).

Yeah so (in my experience) only 3 things happen if you come across an "Artifact Cache" thing 1 (most likely) you get nothing (what you're getting). Thing 2 you get Ice Cream (give it to the Golem, I think you need the Golem to tell you it likes Ice Cream for it to appear). Thing 3 you get a Hunger Charm (you lose Fullness slower, also can be sold). Do note I am not a Pateron so I have no idea if it's different in Story Mode.