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Personally I loved the game, I love the way it's designed and it took me a while to get to Day 3 but I mean it takes a while if you don't have the Timer and the bear trap.

Nice Rick and Morty reference 

Also the game is so well made thx for the experience and hope you make more games like this in the future 

This is one of the best games I have ever seen.

I manage to get all 7 endings and wow they are difficult to get I rate this game 4/5 I love the fact that you are playing the situation of the cop and the dialogue and plus it's very twisted which is good in a game like this.

this game is sick asf the way it's designed and the music is so cool and it shows what old phones used to be like.Thanks for the game

Love the game it's a very interesting story I hope there is a part two or a second ending