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Thank you for the kind words! :) Yeah, the text box will actually be instrumental in telling the story (let's face it, it's hard to do otherwise in a 1-bit landscape!)

I'm still working out some of the gameplay features in terms of making it a truly idle / clicker game, but overall I think I got it figured out :)

Hey guys!

Super pumped for this jam, and the timing couldn't be any better for me. I have been brainstorming a pretty exciting (to me at least) story-driven idle/incremental clicker game over the past few weeks, and once I saw this jam announced I realized 1-bit format would be perfect for it. I know a story in this genre of game seems odd, but I think it will actually fit well :) I want to make it at least SOMEWHAT unique, right? ;)

I'll be jumping into coding it RIGHT away (in 6 hours) and will definitely be posting updates and game progress here. To get started, I did a mockup of the title / menu screen. Can't wait to jump into this!

Lethe Mockup Title Screen