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I saw the game available on the epic store! Congrats on the release. I played the first demo and though the game was fantastic. Will definitely be making a purchase soon!

Congrats man! I noticed the mobile version came out semi-recently and it's good to see a game actually get that update that is so often promised. I was quite interested in the early release of the game, so keep up the good work!

Fair enough.

Whatever you gotta do, my man. Loved this game, even in it's simple state. I wish you the best of luck for future projects!

Would that not defeat the purpose of it being a GB rom game builder? If you aren't interested in making the ROMS, why not use a program made for the other types of games?

Is this project dead? I am going to assume from the lack of updates that this is as far as the game is going to make it. Bummer.


I'm curious, who did the spritework? It is fairly nice (albeit bizarre) and definitely gives off a good indie vibe. Are they yours or did you work with somebody/company to get them done?

Oh, also could you maybe add armour and jet enhancements too? Just make the health and Jet bars get longer or set the stats a bit higher so you don't have to feel like a glass cannon all the time.

nice game, keep up the great work dude!

make sure your drivers are up-to-date.

Great game. I appreciate the game play and your consistent replies to comments. Keep up the great work!