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Could you make a downloadable/offline version of it, please?

I really liked it. My experience was very different to the one that Brandon had, but that's partially because I'm used to retrogaming, I guess, so semi-monochrome low-res art is a plus for me. That the shadow could have different speeds was very interesting, because at the beginning of each level I was always expecting to see what I was dealing with. The core of this game seemed to be to plan ahead what I would need to do, like a maze, and I like that, but for that to be more difficult you could give the players the ability to see a bit further ahead, which would give the designer more freedom to make more harder and complex situations.

I'd recommend taking a look at Duskers. That game has a vaguely similar premise, in theme and mechanics, but much more developed and is very good at that, with drones lost in space trying to get in and out of spaceships that are breaking apart. Your game is quite unique though, so it would be interesting to see it grow. It'd be a blast to play it on mobile :)