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it just hides text

@futabox how do you save on android. Is there a way to pull up a menu?

Can you do anything with the coins you earn?

low key a great idea

thanks. I found out how to do it now. You summon the succubus and cluck midnight mischief then after it's over you progress the game

how do you go onto the next stage when Elenore defeats you for the first time. She keeps beating me and i cant train her anynore coz it always says shes ready to fight now

ah ok

Hi, request for an update. I know there's a lot of easter eggs in the game. But could you please add one for oral?

hi, request for next update but, can you add a scene for the bandit when she takes you to "the girls". But all in all, amazing game. Love it so much

it says windows protected your pc from a risky file.

Is it the type of file? or is malware?

This app looks really cool so i really don't want it to be a virus


are there any sex scenes possible, and if so how do I get them

how to complete missing cat mission

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how to go back to corridor when inside a room