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Tenebra Studios

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A great start to what seems to be an awesome horror mystery adventure game. This would be great in VR!

Amazing work! The 3D effect is really well done and enhances the whole experience! Hope this eventually gets released as an engine that can remaster all the great Sierra AGI games!

Thank you so much for the coverage!

Thank you

A zen almost meditative experience. A great brain teaser! Great work!

This is pure wizardry! Awesome in each and every little detail. Great performance you squeezed out of Pico-8 there!

Great atmosphere, awesome nods to The Twilight Zone! Expertly crafted, bit-sized adventure! Keep them coming!

Great atmosphere and awesome visuals! You nailed the claustrophobic feeling and the not being safe while in my house! I just love it, keep it up!

Awesome art style and great usage of the PS1-era look and feel! Very atmospheric and nightmarish!

Expertly crafted! Great surreal experience! Can;t wait for your next nightmare!