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Glad you enjoyed what you've seen so far!

1. Did you update to 0.8.2? I went through and fixes bugs and stuff. Maybe that fixed the problem.

2/3. Are you able to describe better what part the crash happened at? Maybe it's something I don't because I'm the developer and have the engine installed instead of downloaded.

Sorry. I was told before and I thought it was fixed. Despite the result that is shown, it counted as a win. I'll do another test. Thanks for letting me know

Also don't worry about your English I don't judge people for a language they might be learning. Even if they aren't I still don't judge. :3

I'm really trying my hardest to get out the new update after so long I'm so sorry about the wait! I'm glad you're enjoying the vn is far more is on the way!

Canada :D

I'm pretty patient. I'm just here watching the chaos and insanity rise and go crazy almost every time I refresh uwu

I hope we get to see some more new wolves! If not, gimme more Vulgor please! :D

I don't believe itchio has a dm/pm system. You can either dm my on my twitter (@itstendomendo) or my email

Sorry about that inconvenience. 

Thanks for your kind words and interest! As of right now I don't think I could commit to a patron just yet but I do plan on opening one soon enough! :D

I think they're saying the game is so good they want to support in a way that isn't Patreon

I'm really glad you're enjoying the game so far! 

I've decided not to rush and release updates when I'm comfortable and reasonably satisfied with them. I got a character designer to help me out so the wait for each update hopefully shouldn't be as long as this one. :)

Yup! There are a few easter eggs and I'm working on a way that you can find some of them easier. Here are a few tips.

How to: It will have to do with the special file in the game folder. In fact, doing so right now will result in a main menu easter egg when the game is reloaded.

Hint: An already existing one is by naming the mc the name of a mentioned character. As if update 0.6 only two character flashback exists but other characters will eventually get their own. 

Only one of two can be found in the game somewhere so I'm working on a way the second one and future ones can be found much easier.  If you're really into finding easter eggs you miiiiight be able to find the exact name by screenshotting and brighting the new game loading screen.


Also I'd love the help! Just so you don't have to share you're socials or information, try and contact me on my Twitter or my email on the main page of this itchio. Thanks in advance!

Yeah It was! To be honest with the way that 2020 is impacting 2021 there may be fewer or smaller updates, unfortunately. It isn't because I'm slow on creating content but because I want to deliver something worth waiting for.

I went it checked it for you and I'm not sure why he's getting disappointed but the point system should go through as if he's proud and affect the character/story positively. 

Sorry about that I'll try and double check for next update.


Unfortunately so. :c

Won't lie. I really did like the cat too

Hope it's worth your time once again! UwU

Kazuma 0.6 update explains some stuff about the MC's past trauma. This is most messed up part I've written so it get's worse.

I'm really glad you're enjoying the story so far! Thanks a lot!

Thanks for all your kinds words!  Don't worry about ranting, I'm totally fine with that. :D

The MC is Brazilian because a friend mine who is taught me the differences between Portuguese and Spanish and the culture. I love adding different cultural references so I  decided I needed to make at least one character who was, even if they were a minor character. However that character is not minor is anyway but is LITERALLY THE MC. 

Ok now my little rant is over lol. Hope ya stick around!

Thanks for letting me by the way! That error should now be fixed as of update 0.6. 

If you encounter any other errors, don't be afraid to let me know!

Won't lie, I feel the same way about Leo. Leo's good end was still a bad end in a eyes and they did him dirty, big time.

Sorry for not making it obvious, you would click around the same spot where the continue button would be. I'll change that so it's more obvious. I'm glad you're enjoying it so far!

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The 0.5 update will be out today, so I'll extend the timers. Thanks for letting me know! Sorry about that. If you try again it and doesn't last longer please let me know and I'll the make a patch.

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Hey thanks for the feedback! If you email me at or on my twitter I'd be happy have you help out!

I took out the meta stuff at least just for now, so I can bring focus on the story

Can you least please explain why?

Thanks for feedback! By bright color palettes do you mean the character palettes? I'm always looking out for ways to improve.

Won't lie, now that you brought it my attention it was a bad idea to choose green highlighted text, woops  o_o

The way that this update's dream ended literally jumpscared me and there was no sound or music, just a creepy face. I think it got me because I looked away accidently pressing space,  and it gave chills. I don't even think it was suppose to be a jumpscare dammit. good job there. 

Regardless of that embarrassing moment, I'm not done the latest update, but I can already say I'm still really enjoying this vn. Great job keeping the atmosphere and hype up! I'm shook.

Don't worry it does makes sense! Thanks for sticking around!

If you're talking about the mysterous entity's name, In the newest update 0.2, you only need to know his name which is "Blancolla." The other name doesn't actually matter you'll pass it by default.

The name is "Blancolla" and "Maddurika." Save these names cause im taking down this comment later on. :)

I'll make it easier for people to find and remember the name since you're not the only having problems finding it.

I believe they said either in June or July. I really hope so too!

Thank you so much I'm really glad you think I did a good job! The grammar mistakes I'm fully aware of, and I was just going through the script to fix those mistakes. Grammar is the one thing that affects writing like no other. Thanks for the feedback! :)

Thanks okay! UwU

The name should be in bold, and is emphasized by the word "Father" followed by that enitity's name.

If you'd like to be a tester though let me know!

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Thanks for stopping by it means a lot lot! Especially right now, all constrictive criticism is needed you've seen it. I've already gone in and taken out half the intro text and shortened it as much I can without losing' it's purpose.

 If you came from Deckerlink's video I know it was ROUGH and I understood all his frustrations. But I promise you it'll get even better with this next update! Especially once my grammar is fixed. <3

Also I'm glad you appreciate the quote :)