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Oh wait, I found the answer in Dr Logan's book :)

Thanks so much for this resource! I have a question: in the section regarding loudspeaker audio where do the constants 437500 and 30.125 come from in this formula ?

HL = Pitch = 437500 / Frequency – 30.125

Looks like Bruce Lee! I like

Hi, love the game hence the donation to say thanks. This game feels like proper Jet Set Willy canon. There's something about the stripped back design and rock hard gameplay which is totally authentic. Plus that bit where Willy dances about to Immigrant Song put a massive smile on my face!

I heard a little rumour that there is a 128k AY version floating about... 

Thank you! This game is so much fun... So brutal, I love it

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How do you go full-screen ? Love the game btw

you are the shit man

Very cool! Nice strategic play. 

This looks so cool and relaxing, downloading now!

Cool game!

Got this on Steam at the weekend, loving it so far! 

I'm stuck on the red maze level at the moment, feel like I'm missing something fundamental as I just seem to be wandering aimlessly. Guess thats what you do in a maze...

Great mood and style, can't wait to see more games

Me likey likey!

This is a fun game despite the fact I hate doing the dishes.