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Got around to playing this now, and it's great! A really interesting approach to display different demos! I'm also trying to get the Red Boi password, and I think I know where to look for, but I have to ask: is the password case sensitive?

Just finished the game and I liked it a lot! Got Ending A, and will try to get the remaining two. The soundtrack is rad and an interesting style choice for this type of game and the characters designs have a really good mix of creepy and cool.

Like some other comments mentioned, the UI is a bit too small and hard to read. I also find myself only changing between 2 or 3 of the available weapons and shields, and though most of them sound cool, they quickly become obsolete.

Regardless, this is a really fun and bizzare game; would marry an eldritch grease mass again.

I recently finished this game, and I liked it a lot! I think the story and characters were excellent, though the unsettling atmosphere is also very good. I look forward to replaying it to see if I can get different events or endings!