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AWESOME will check soon

its good but its really laggy on an average pc and i cant do anything of substance cuz of the lag :(

mann what the


that is literally 4


archeximus real life arc

id say maybe like 10k-15k calories in an alligator

oh and you can go back after you finish ur drawing and theres a new prompt button

 its still very cool!!! :D

it shall be done

realism prompt!

this is something i cant really just take in browsing recent games, but even from the beginning it is beautiful. 

this is interesting!

this is cool!

heres the first thing i drew on release - try and guess what prompt it is :)

+ im aware of broken UI!! its because of how unity works and ill get around 2 it

(1 edit)

i tried to get an eraser working but it didnt work LOL

same with colors tbh if i could i would and ive tried; ask for stuff to be added n if i can i will

Came here from Nitro Rad, and WOW!!! This is super awesome, especially for a demo. GL on your future endeavours ✌️

THIS IS SUPER AWESOME!!! good luck on finishing it! :D


If you ever do make more bosses, of which it looks like you might, A boss that gets incredibly close to the boat, maybe a giant squid, where it may latch onto the boat until you hit it enough to shake it off would be cool.

Oh, okay sorry!

ok but doesnt it just point to where youre facing

i have no idea how

I have an idea, if it isn't a hassle. I know how annoying Unity multiplayer is, I've tried it, but have you thought of making Juice Galaxy multiplayer? it would genuinely fit the game, in my opinion

I like the idea, but it would be cool if that were integrated into the current system. Also, juice can probably be used as a currency (which can help create interesting player situations) but I think the current system is great and should be integrated to the ones you suggested. If the player scales, so should the bosses to keep it difficult. Also, I like the difficulty bar.

oh, alright :>

is there a difference between the demo and the full version, now that it's complete?


yeah! thats what im trying to say i didnt mean to hurt anyone :D

i'm not bothered, just kind of confused. of course as others are saying in the replies its your software your terms and thats true. just trying to give constructive criticism, not trying to offend anybody involed :P

idrc about nfts but i think a good tos seperates opinions and software, for example it has nothing to do with say the military, and even prevents the military from using the software?? its used for a virtual character and should be seperated from that since its not involving that

i dont wanna start an argument nor do i support NFTs but you're telling me that if someone supports buying images they can't use streaming software??? same with most of the options in the TOS, it just kinda seems like you're gatekeeping ppl



AHEM... superhot

this is the cutest game ive ever seen in my life

alright, thanks for responding and being transparent about it! :>

It's awesome, but is there some like idol/god in the lore or something???? I'm christian and I don't vibe with magic/false idols even if in a game so i just wanna be aware, sorry if im coming across negative :)