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i know the beans are supposed to be assholes but for the love of god

the hammer is really wacky so it makes it hard but it's a pretty decent game

thank you failboat

Please make a sequel to this in the future also thanks failboat for showing me this

this is awesome

would be so much better if z was for jump and x for shoot like a flash game

0/10 no froggy chair

ye i despise that sound

the real planet where the school is at has a rainbow ring, so keep that in mind!

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Pretty sick game but i think a carnivore food should be added cause i really wanted to tame a mushbush but was dissapointed when i couldn´t and also add a mini map and also also some portable daycare that makes creatures heal over kill but yeah cool game!

pretty cool game but when i used appdata as a platfor my windows kept making that annoying dddmmm sound you know the one

great game i loved the ending but i dont really like how if you die in it the boss´s phase goes back to the first one also if you do something like open internet explorer the game will still be running but there will be no tab and thhe only way to close it is task manager so yeah 9/10

great game but when i downloaded it windows defender bugged me ¨saying scan is required it will only take max 10 seconds¨ may you fix that? but yeah great game just needs more content