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Indeed! I think a lot of it comes from moving from a state where I've simply installed plugins and checked their basic functionality to one where I'm making needed modifications, or doing more extensive checking. Plus as the game moves towards a more finalized state, I am indeed cataloguing "new" bugs that have really been there all along, although sometimes some new ones crop up randomly (like the graphical layer order issues in the battle scene). Also I start discovering issues with core systems that I basically never used before, like game saving!

But I'll get them all! Eventually, heh.

And sorry for the delayed response, got distracted with something and suddenly it's two weeks later. Whoops.

No worries! That's why I was asking about this, I haven't found any plugins that do it. Which, honestly, is really surprising. Best I've found is Mog's screen effects that just add particles and stuff, and of course that's not even close.

Hey there! I was reading through the documentation and was curious about whether or not you can have animated backgrounds on menu scenes (whether GIFs, video files, looping through images, etc.). I think the documentation implied you could, but I figured I should ask for a confirmation one way or the other. Thanks!