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What's with the gray unbreakable doors? Why would they be there just to be a door that's unbreakable? I also feel like the light switches are very oddly placed and seem so perfectly clean and silent to smash.

Honestly those would be great things to hide some kind of secret somehow. If there is any secrets they're certainly well-hidden, doesn't look like anybody has found any and I couldn't find any either.

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Sorry for such a long post, but I just had a lot to say. 

At some points, it almost kind of feels more like a classical RTS with a city builder twist just because of how satisfying the "sprawling out" nature of the game is kind of reminiscent of Zerg Creep or Command & Conquer. You odn't normally see this kind of restricted land usage in a City Builder, they usually just let you go full nuts with it and expect you to know where to place things. I think that also makes this game pretty accessible but with a lot of room for players to make their own decisions on the fly.

For Fynbos I don't think it's necessarily that there aren't enough trees, its the distribution can be wacky sometimes. On pretty much all the times on that last level that there were tiny inaccessible islands, there was at least a tree on one of them that could have been on the mainland. Sometimes, trees will also get a bit clustered instead of spread out across the map. Those tend to be the biggest problems, and a few times it made one or two whole corners of that map completely inaccessible normally without tricky and clever timing with arboretums.

You could literally only have like, 4, or 5, trees on the entire map and as long as they are all in the right positions that's more then enough. That could also provide another way people could make a different kind of pleasant-looking reclaimed wastelands, by having a thin stretch of forest that goes everywhere instead of one big cluster.

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Not sure if they're concerned about this, but yellows and reds should be avoided in a use-case like this because they're less colorblind accessible for such a vital feature. They also don't really satisfy as much as a green or blue. I don't totally subscribe to the theory that colors have a heavy impact on how you play and how you feel while playing a game but I think there is some merit to it.

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This game is really solid, but I think a few things are really holding it back. It could do with some speed controls and a bit more consistent world generation. The Fynbos biome is also tricky and a pain in the ass to work with. Some kind of automatic failure detection would also help a lot. A way to restart the map immediately would be a nice addition. I do have a few balance complaints with the game, as well.

At some points on that last level upwards of 40 to 50% of the land would be completely inaccessible. This is due to some of the land spawning as tiny islands. There is also a lot of water. That makes it EXTREMELY tight and a MASSIVE difficulty jump. Under some circumstances, this can also make it impossible if you make a single mistake. You won't be able to reclaim land from burnt buildings, so you won't be able to achieve the right biome balance.

Speed controls would also be nice for when you're waiting for the drone to move around or for rain to start. It takes quite a while for that drone to move around a big map, and rain seems to be on a reliable cycle but a long one. If you want to maximize points by relying on rain, it takes a long time. So if the game could speed up, that would help both of those a ton.

Next, the tree distribution is pretty unreliable. A good distribution would have most of the map covered. Most of the time, that's not the case. This makes working with the Fynbos Biome a lot more tricky than seems intended. It's such a vital and fundamental biome, it seems like it should be more accessible like Wetlands. You have to be very careful to create tiny forests by building an Arboretum while a fire is still burning. Due to that, it instead becomes the hardest ones to meet that coverage goal.

The failure conditions are a bit obnoxious. The game doesn't seem to have any way of detecting if you're in an unwinnable state. On top of this, with no easy and quick way to restart the map, this becomes tiresome pretty fast. There needs to be some way the game communicates to the player better about this. Or the game could have a handier restart function, that doesn't need exiting to the main menu.

What buildings are available can also be a tad strange. Like, Conveyor Ports and Deconstruction Pylons. Why do these need to exist? They seem to only kind of pad the game. If Steam Plants, Hangers, Beacons, and Seed Launchers were cheaper, there'd be no point to them. They seem to only provide you with a way to build money back up in the event you exit Tier 2 with only a few hundred points. This would not be necessary if these other Tier 3 buildings were cheaper.

As for as bugs go, the game is pretty solid. I only found a few. One is due to the isometry of the game. Trying to place things behind cliffs, for instance. The only other issue I found is that sometimes fields will regenerate themselves. Using undo after you've placed a Toxin Scrubber, the fields it cleaned sometimes stay cleaned. I definitely abused this on occasion, it was rarely handy but it did help once or twice. There was very minor UI problems too, but they were very few and far between and not very problematic. They may not even be worth mentioning, as I kind of only stumbled across them by accident.

All that said, those are pretty much my ONLY complaints with this game. There is a lot of clever ideas in here. For instance, with how biomes appear naturally distributed. Simply due to the game's mechanics. Fynbos on the outskirts of forests, wetlands that cluster around rivers. The base generated world having rivers that usually flow from high elevations. Rocks that tend to coalesce around the riverbeds due to your water wheels. It all looks pretty right. The only weird thing is arid plateaus. There should instead be proper rain shadows. I guess that would be too time consuming and resource intensive for the goals of this game, though.

It is also very mechanically satisfying. Other than the few problems I've mentioned, this is a very refined and robust city builder, with a very neat twist. One that I haven't seen exactly before. If this were made into a fuller game or had a more realized sequel, I would definitely buy it. Especially if it had a more roguelike stylization to the gameplay. Where there would be a reason to play it over and over again, because I kind of already want to. There isn't good enough reasons as it stands to do that, though, which is disappointing. I hope this game sees a lot of success. It definitely deserves it!

There appears to be quite a huge memory leak. When one of the helicopters fires it's missiles at an air unit and the air unit dies before the missile lands, the missile will continue to fly off the map for the rest of the game. Once a significant amount of these builds up the frame rate starts tanking. Missiles should keep track of their original target (What they were intended to fire against) and if that target dies while it is alive it should just be removed.

Doesn't look like it's possible to get a heart on every single day. I've tried every combinations of actions for the very first day and nothing gets a heart.