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I must say that I enjoyed the personalities of the Characters, however they seemed to resemble often used archetypes, but I loved it all the same.  Keep up the good work.

Got it to work... Finally! lol at least pressing random things work ;). I had to go into the game folder go to the "Lib" Folder, select the "windows-i686" folder AND then the game from there. However, none of the ways you mentioned worked but at least you have another thing to add to the list.

Definitely a good game so far and I hope that you guys keep up the work; however there are some bugs (to be expected) where no cards at all showed up when versing Blondie. Also the where you can chose to either put the card on top of your deck or select 2 to keep until the next turn glitched out and I had to restart the chapter. Otherwise a great start.

Windows 8.1, does this game only work for 10?

RockRobin community · Created a new topic Bug

After downloading and selecting to open/start the .exe file the title shows up and then completely shuts down straight afterwards. Does anyone know how to fix that issue?