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Plus yes it an Acer.

Well this might be strange and dumb question. As I would be using an 6 year old computer well about to be 6 years. It is (aspire e 15 start es1-512-c4dw). Yeah I'm still trying to look up the full thing but that what nearly mark on there. I would wonder if this works with game. If not I know need to buy a better working gaming PC. Instead using a computer that if I had a job that might come sooner. So if you can't think if it a good pc I'm sorry for asking this dumb question hope your group have a great day. I try some of this demo and nearly got that it almost work well. Still best looking game and I hope on playing it someday.

It a great game I got one bad ending going try to earn another ending plus i like "red" hints you get.

That game was very awesome I made it to the demo ending that very great. Plus it was very hot when getting dom or sub. 10 out of 10. Keep it up and hope you have great time making more updates. Also I love the little story it has.