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Glad to hear we managed to make someone laugh

So we recorded a second episode but there wasn't quiet enough game for it so we just went with it 

I have some...ideas on how to make this game a touch better. I hope to see this game in the future

do you plan on making a longer version of this game

Cool game I hope more is made of it

I find this game a touch short and a little bland ,but I still made a video over it so here you go

this is good 

This is style good

This is good

I really enjoyed this game. The writing is able to make everything flow very naturally and make you care for something in the end.

P.S did you crash on a space ship, boat or Plane.

So this game is really dumb a little short ,but I love it all the same.

I am going to be making a video maybe more than one depending on how much there is to this game is there anything you think I should look for or do in your game in particular 

This was cool felt a bit pointless but is was cool

I really liked chapter 2. It felt a bit like filler but all in all I liked it.

I really enjoyed this game. I was really impressed with it's design and its ability to keep me on my toes. I started out disliking the game and thinking it was junk ,but this was made from my ignorance. The more I played this game and the more I learned about it the more I found it not exactly been the most original concept ,but it was very well executed. This game is less scary and more a test to see if you can beat Alex. I found this game interesting and you should be proud of it.

was there a way to beat it lol


I LOVE THIS GAME. I have a video of it going up tomorrow and to anyone thinking about playing this game I can only use a quote to express my opinion "JUST DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Great job JNI. I really liked the navel battles and I talk about how I think they could be made better in the video

Good game but I am dumb.

I really enjoyed the game

Great Game

great game

Great Game

Okay game

I mentioned one or two things I think should be changed in the video ,but I still love this game.

I really enjoyed this game.

I really liked this game.

Do you ever plan on making this game pay to play

I really liked this game and I just had to make another video

That sounds AWESOME

Not if you have a longer weapon like a spear or pike

I am loving this game more and more

Fun Game

I really enjoyed this game I think the campaign is a touch slow so I just played king of the hill instead