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decided tocome back to this,still the best at this

Ah, thank you for this piece of information, you have my blessing with the production of this game.

With Pleasure

-Gustavo Fring

You gather a very large collection of semen in your testicles, don't fuck the bot for a while until she has love eyes,then dick her down.

With Pleasure

-Gustavo Fring

Nothing my dear friend, your spend time with your robotic significant other and have sexual intercourse with her for money. After day 30 this nothing else is unlockable. (for now)

With Pleasure

-Gustavo Fring

Hello, my dear friend, it would seem as if you are incorrect as there has been no update in 5 months. You have fucked up because you didn't save your file and transport it to your computer. Next time do remember my message and download your saved file.

With Pleasure

-Gustavo Fring

Hello my dear friend, unfortunately, your pleas for the female to have male genitals will not be answered as they have already been patched and are halfway finished with the next update.(to my best remembrance)  Though, it never hurts to beg, does it?

With Pleasure

-Gustavo Fring

It has come to my attention then whenever a new update happens, my save file is deleted, though it does not hinder me in the slightest of my pleasure in playing this succulent game, I would like to share my experience with my fellow players. the easy way to solve this is to download the file.

With Pleasure

-Gustavo Fring

no, and no, the next position in the new update is cowgirl and the only way you could change your name is by resetting it completely. stay safe brother

check Twitter,updates on the update that are posted regularly, make sure to transport your save file to your computer, as it will delete when there's a new update,stay safe Brother

from their twitter it seems to be coming soon,remember to save your file on to your computer because for some reason it deletes it every update,might be me but stay safe my brother

i like cars go vroom vroom

better then the show

chromebook dude

As a middle schooler myself i would love to have this game the fighting style looks cool af

havent even played yet ik its gonna be fire

(1 edit)

opened up the game and it won't load,reloaded the tab and everything any help?

playing on a chromebook

been trudging thru the deep end

(4 edits)

focused soley on speed

(3 edits)


this game is honestly really fun

glad to play as raph

or leo

or mikey

or donnie

hey this could be  the 74s we dk

edit:3:05  actually tried it again 

i cant get past the first thing

ight man ima just delete my comments cus honestly it was a pointless arugement

sorry for wasting yo time

actually nah 

ight man ima just delete my comments cus honestly it was a pointless arugement

sorry for wasting yo time

so we not gonna talk about how the thumbnail of this paige has link in the champions tunic?ok.

Bro I'm 19 year who saw some bogus shit,not a patriarchy person whatever

when you accidentally play the adventure time intro and start crying...

setup(still playing) mo money for grip and stock ghost rounds, cryo freeze,and 14 mag 

738 on the second try, and it's Friday the 13th.

I would give only if I had money, one of my fav games out there.

one of the best visual novels I've ever read, 20/10


nice my good sir,i think i will add your effort in smash

who asked for the fucking commentary

yo phykro  why do i just get random misses? and and you cant even do that.

I beat target practice on hard, get on my level.