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I love this, are you still working on it? Would be great to have a standalone exe that can save the files it makes to mp3 or ogg format.

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When I get a cut, especially big gashes, I lay some bacon strips over it and wrap it in aluminum foil, then staple it shut. I'm not a doctor but my imaginary cat is a general practitioner and it's worked every time so far.

No worries, thanks. It works great in a round over itself. Nice work!

Hey great work!

What is the license for this? Can I use as a sample for other songs in commercial work?

Nice, the particle editor is one of the best things in the engine.

Any chance you might add this feature? It would be very helpful to export sprite sheets with the object attached.

Can you export a new sprite sheet? For example if i attach a sword or something and get it looking perfect can I export a gif or png in frames or a sheet with the sword? Or can I only export array data?

Is there a way to export a new sprite sheet with the animation? Or just array data?

Ah yes the classical medieval sport of face jousting! Huzzah!

Very cool, great idea!

Good looking out! lol The profile is deleted now, hopefully they get shut down on other sites too