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This was very close to working on mobile but it doesn’t 

Love your games, and this one is no exception. A nice little challenge that wastes no time. 

It was more of a challenge for me as there is now a bug with pico-8 when playing on iOS, at least for my old iPhone, in that it can highlight the game as if it’s text when using the touch controls, so I had to chain presses of short durations or unselect the text after long presses.

I have to commend you for managing the arcane art of making compressible games. 

Some random ideas for if it wasn’t so size limited:

1. A section where fully smooth travel is always possible, taking from a few preset waveforms, perhaps placed at the end.

2.  Maybe improve the colours of the circles (all dark colours (no black) except for rainbow at the end, perhaps coloured by size).

The play button doesn't seem to work for me, in browser (chrome) on windows

Last level was nice.

Love it. Thos are some really cool birbs, huh

It should be that if you change the window size, the scale of the stuff stays the same, but instead more of the world is shown, that way each pixel stays square. There could be a separate feature for 2x, 3x, 4x etc zoom levels.

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Thanks for the response, I think it should be possible to do. It's nice to know what was the basis for these values. Here's a map I've made of what the layout of factories would roughly look like. Factory amounts are accurate, although it's not showing how to save space.

Some key results about an optimal factory:
- You can run 9 launchers constantly and one 65% of the time, which gives $14M per second.
- You have to use all the iron but can waste 19% of copper and 21% of oil.
- Factory requirements: 36 red > 33 chem > 31 green > 13 skin > 10 blue > 9 robot > 4 brain, = 136 total.
- Other stuff in spreadsheet not mentioned.

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I made a spreadsheet about an optimal factory that would use all the resources.
- "Ratio" columns can be ignored, they were used to calculate the actual rates.
- "Amount" means the rate of items per 1 in-game "duration".
- Factories > "%" column is the percentage of all the factories/mines of that type that are used for that product.
- Factories > "Fs/Row" is how many factories to put in each row, assuming you have only 1 belt of each ingredient feeding the row.
- The groups of table rows at the bottom are for totals for products (red and green circuits, chemical, and raw resources) that are made for multiple different things.
- I ignore furnaces and the difference between raw and smelted resources because 1 raw turns into 1 smelted and they are easily smelted adjacent to the mine, so it doesn't affect anything.

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I love this game, but here's one quirk: You can have a full line of ore on a conveyor being directly sold, having 8 inserters extract from it which should deplete it because 8 inserted into it to make it full, but you can continue the line and get another 2 inserters extracting from it, and when you do that, all 10 inserters visually still extract, but instead of either your income staying the same or increasing, it decreases. I don't know if this is due to discrepancy between visuals and what's actually happening (some inserters operate at lower rate due to missing items that go past but dont look it), or inaccurate income meter, or both, or what.

My cursor doesn't point where it says it does when I use my monitor, there's black space above and below the game, and the cursor is higher than it should be the further up it goes and lower vice versa. There are no resolution or fullscreen/windowed options which might have fixed it.

Working fine for me off the bat, today at least.

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A machine to turn seeds into oil would be cool, seeing as seed oil is a thing IRL. Veggies could instead be fermented into biomass and turned into biofuel or something. Maybe instead seeds could be supplied to chickens and then they becomes fatter and lay more eggs or give more meat when butchered.

Damn I installed the game just before it got updated, the same day. The dog updated would have helped!

I seem to have encountered a bug (in the previous version at least) where I placed another relay to connect more solar panels, and instead of increasing power, my power completely went out. I get around it by only using one relay!

Also, I got two crashes, one where a robotic sweeper didn't work and it said something about collisions, and another where I tried axing a load of trees (while a lumberjack robot was working) and it said something about parenting. I'll copy the message next time either happens again.

5/5 game btw.

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How did you do that 1 tile beach lake?
Edit: I found out, you just draw in island in an island.

Bug report:

- When year reaches 2000 computer explodes, lol

Really addictive. Do any AI/game difficulties have the AI have unfair advantages at all? Like can they see more tiles than the player, or get more / need fewer resources?

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That seems like hundreds of hours? I haven't got too far yet so idk if you get a lot more later on.
Edit: Or does it just happen when it goes over 2?

Awesome, just needs some bug fixing, bit of polish, and some graphics. Not sure how you exit the code writing menu

I like it! Best game I've found searching "tank" on this website.
Although I'm not such a fan of the lack of visibility and how often you need to pick up ammo. It could be tailored to tank battle scenarios a bit more generally, e.g. there's too much time spent picking up stuff, less time driving straight.

Drifting at high speed makes you turn really fast.
Game was fun for a bit.

28km. Repetitive but enjoyed it

Don't think there's anything there but I found the inside of the house out of view

I love this game! Some minor nitpicking:
> The level Twist can be done without portals which doesn't seem intentional.
> The red square 0 button should be labelled restart or a curled arrow symbol.

very nice artwork and aesthetic, but really frustrating game. 

Really great fun!

The technology thing is easy to forget to chose though, like it took me two games to realise it was a thing. Also it wasn't clear where each resource comes from.

Bug: if you tell a worker who is carrying stuff and going back to a depot or the base, to go and do something, he will go to the thing but then turn around and go back to the base or depot to drop his stuff off. he should just ignore the order to do the thing or do it after he drops the stuff off.