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Damnnn, I really like the first theory tho it hurts like hell.....

is it just me, or the update are already posted?

Ikr....reading about what going on in anders episode feels f*cked up and terrible, but at the same time it make me feel excited waiting for the story to progress from that point.

As a college student who hope in the future,everything goes in his way, this VN leave a huge impact on me.

Please discuss the spoiler privately please. This page is for public build player, not all of us is happy with spoilers ok? This is one MAJOR SPOILERS???

I agree with Link2346

Sometimes I hope Matpat made a video on youtube about the lore of this game and predict Walter's past or something 😩

This comment section is currently in it's peak horny era

Thank god there's no far as I'm aware.

Yesterday, my browser couldn't load properly so the comment section disappear. At first I thought, "Dang it, does someone leak the new episode?"


Thanks for making the patreon version available on itch. I can't access your content via patreon. This is a huge help. It's good 👍, I like the special episode. Keep up the good work.

The comment section just getting wilder every time I visit this page



Why does this reminds me of Cupcakke remix

Oh my lordy lord, that's some aggresive growl (bark?awoo?, I don't know man)

Btw, what is it about tasting milk???

Thanks for the update!!!! Love it ❤️❤️❤️

Stop making it sound so good 😩

Thanks for this game too...I enjoy it very much, can't wait for next public update.

To Lars,

I like your style 😳, I like your class 🥵, but most of all, I like your arse 🍑 DING DONG 👁️👄👁️ .

That's all, thanks again

I'm a non-patreon reader. Don't spoil major event from the patreon post please...😭😭😭 Let me wait for updates in peace 😩 instead of spoiling why not stream 'Bop Bop!' by VIVIZ?

This feels reaaaaally illegal.

Thanks for the update ❤️

For android player, I recommend you to download the windows version and play on joiplay app, that if you have problem with the android version. Btw, thanks for the update ❤️

Btw, thanks for the update ❤️

I'm not really good at giving feedback but this vn make me keep coming back 😭, the more update I read, I become more curious about their past. At some point, I think their past were way worsed than I expect. And I also can't decide which one from all five of them is my favourite boy 🥺.

Yep the "I love you so, please let me go" part hits where it hurts the most 💀


I found a song named "I love you so" by The Walters, damn the chorus remind me of Fern and Phileo 😭

Thanks for the update ❤️

Y'all buff wolf simps need to calm down. (Not me ofc, I simp for hunky lion)

Not much, just getting ready to continue my study in applied physics. How about you?

Thanks for the update 💘

Thank you for the update ❤️

😂😂😂 don't worry, don't worry, take your time

Geez, no need to get mad.

Yahhhhh sameeeee 🖐️😭

It's unexpected but very interesting anyway.

Thanks for the update!!! You're doing great👍

Thought my phone was lagging at this part.