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Use the "x" button on your keyboard to close out of things. Use the "z" button to open the menu tab, and to select things. 

I liked this game! It was cute and funny! I liked trying to out-stupid the actual AI! It was a little confusing at first. I didn't really understand why I was trying to out-stupid the AI. It was fun to do though! I think the art style was pretty. I liked that the AI and I matched answers on the question," What's 2+3?" unintentionally. I love that it made me laugh. Thanks for making this game! It was fun to play!

Of course, it's not a problem! :) I'm happy it made Doggo happy too! :D

I liked this game's art style! It's silly but still kinda appealing to look at. I liked the weird hand physics, reminds me of the hand simulator games. I liked the weird dog/pig creature. I also liked the humor in the situations you run into on your promenade. The 'talkative lady' was funny to figure out how to win the situation. I do feel that's an appropriate(although a bit dramatic) representation of random small talk conversations you would run into in real life if you were to walk your dog. I liked that the game fits into the point-and-click style of games. It's fairly simple to run on my not-so-great for gaming laptop(cough chromebooks suck cough). Thank you for making this lovely funny game. It was a delightful experience to play through. I look forward to whatever else you decide to make! :)

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Okay, so I will try to help you by explaining how I solved it. I don't play piano but I know how to read solfege which is what the green heart's hint is. 

The solfege syllables are as follows: do re mi fa sol la ti do. The bigger symbol on the left is a treble clef. The line where the first note starts is the one the treble clef wraps around.

 That line is the solfege syllable 'sol'. The next is 'fa' then the last is 'do'. After figuring this out, I looked up "solfege piano notes" on google images. Which translated the solfege to the corresponding piano notes. Which are G, F, and C. 

Then I go look up "piano with notes" labeled. From there look for the notes G, F, and C. Then click on the notes in order on the piano in game.

 If you need to figure out where they would be on the piano remember the amount of black keys between notes(2 and 3). If this didn't clear things up let me know, and I will try again to help you. :)

This game was cute and fun! It fits the theme well for the finding a person in a big crowd. Finding Ivan isn't too hard, but it does challenge you because the hints you are given aren't always right. I also played this a few times because Ivan is not a set person so it has that replayability factor.

Thank you, this was super helpful!!

This game is so cute! It was a bit difficult to grasp that you needed to know some basic piano keys to be able to unlock the colored heart puzzles. I'm glad my solfege knowledge from school paid off somewhere lol.

This game is super cute but I do have a complaint. I am running into issues with the mouse pointer. I try to get my sheep to move and that doesn't work a lot of the times. I'm unsure why this has happened bc at one point I played on this same device through the web browser and it worked fine. Also, the doorway out of the house is confusing when you're tryna get to the next day. Is there a wait time for the days passing? Or is this just another issue with my mouse pointer? Either way this game is so cute so far, I just wish the mouse issue was solved so I could enjoy playing it.

No problem! I appreciate you listening! I will continue to play the game because honestly, it's addicting lol.

Placing was difficult, picking up was fairly simple. The problems I experienced in my first play through were mainly due to that mistake I made of table placement. I put them too close to the top of the store so that I could only see part of the bubbles over the customers heads. I also didn't know I could move things(like tables) around during the day! If I'd know that it would've made this problem less of a big deal. Thank you for responding! I hope to play this again! :) Or play your future works!

This is a really sad game that I'm sure is a reality to some people. Personally, I don't relate to it much. It still breaks my heart though that people go through this. I hope that this can bring awareness to others to be better people. This isn't how it should be. I just hope it gets better. Thank you for making this game! :)

Okay confession, I suck at pong. I have learned that information today. So the twists you've added work against me more lol. Which is fine, I'm up for a challenge, plus I like the idea. I also struggle with depression, so I understand it to an extent. I hope that you can make some money to pay for your meds. I also hope you're doing alright in these uncertain times!! Best wishes!

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This game was fun! It's a bit challenging too! It took me a try to understand what to do, so at first I lost. But eventually I was able to win. :) I don't know if this is a common mistake, but I put the buying, selling, and request tables near the door, this was however a bad idea as I couldn't see what people wanted to request or see the price of what they were selling me. So I think a reset day button would've come in handy there. Because I learned the hard way that reset cart restarts the whole game. Oh, also I wish that the placing tables was easier, but that's a very minor complaint, for the most part it was fine. It worked well, but was a bit annoying(although this could be user-error so take this lightly). Overall, I liked this game! Good job(also thanks for making it web compatible, it's the only way I have to play games!).

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This game was short-ish, but super silly and sweet. I liked the overall plot, and the shift change it brought to the game. Giving it a slightly more serious tone to the very silly concept. The only negative comment I have is that the text is a bit wordy, and annoying, in some areas. But most areas are fine; I have a feeling it is supposed to be that way for the clothing store lady. Either way, I liked this game. I just wish some of the text was shorter lol, but I do like that you can skip through text dialogue(especially when trying to figure out what she'd let you trade). And yes I realize the irony in me saying there's a lot of text in some areas and then leaving a wordy comment. 

First off, the music sheet is not used here. You're right it's all in the showcase.  From the showcase, you take the 4th place in performance & the 2nd place in composition. These two places add to be 6. Which is used, and shown on the music box(on the circle with the + sign). This is the only dial(circle with an icon) given to you. But, that's where the 4 and 2 come into play. You put the dials(the music note and the trophy) at 4 & 2. Then after you are just doing the equation given with these two numbers. 


Since 4+2=6

What is 4x2=?

Or 4-2=?

Or 4/2=?

Please let me know if this was more helpful! If not, I can try again to re-explain it. :)

Can you tell me what exactly you don't understand? I can try to explain better if I know what you're stuck on. :)

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This game!!!! It was so difficult but rather enjoyable! It definitely reminded me of science class and testing for anomalies and similarities. I had to write down information too(more for my own sake than to solve it). I appreciate you putting the colors above the subjects though that helps in double checking. Overall, it's a fun but challenging game! :)

I re-played this game because when I first played I didn't realize there was music. That definitely adds to the experience! I already wrote a review for the game, and wanted to further say that I found this game fascinating. The idea of using a poem to base the atmosphere and details around is very cool! I really was in awe by that! I hope you know your game is awesome, and I hope to see more of your creative endeavors. :)

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This game does a good job of being scary due to the reality of this kind of situation occurring. I like it for the most part, but do have some complaints. I like the aspect of a timer, but the dialogue is far too long for me to read in those 20 or less seconds. I understand you'd have to skip some, and try to only take in the important things, but I wish there were a bit less text at times. I also wanted to give you feedback on my game not having audio. I am not sure if that's due to playing the web version or if it's just a glitch. I do also like that you added 5 seconds from the original 15 since the first time I played this. I think this game has potential. I look forward to what you make in the future. :)

Hey! I know this is super late but I just found this game and wanted to help you out. At first the music box puzzle stumped me too. However, I did solve it. There are 6 total symbols. Two of which are music related. One is a music note the other is a trophy. So this gives you the inkling that the showcase info is important. When you look at that, take the highest place this person won out of each category: performance and composition. These two numbers add up to be 6 indicated by the plus symbol on the music box. From there you just place the dial at the number that results from those two numbers if put through that symbol. E.g : 4+2=6 (which is the first one) Hope this helps!!