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love the storyline of this game so far, it has alot of plot twists and filled many mysteries, is skye evil or it has something to do with her handy pals...

Anyways here's my full gameplay together with my reaction, kudos to the developer, LOVEEE IT!

Honestly the best and unique horror game ever, I like the fact that there's definitely a backstory on each tapes played in this game, been theorizing about it, anyways here's my reaction video if you guys wanna watch, Thank you! and Kudos to the creator Keep up the good work~!

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What makes this game unique from other Horror Games is how unexpecting the events happened, it's really interesting and very scary from the start where Lamu is just looking for a friend and some foods to slowly turning into a scary chasing game. I LOVED IT! kudos to the game creator and also not bad for a first horror game. Here's my Reaction Video Gameplay about it, I suggest you guys watch it thank you!

Not bad for a first horror game, it's ambience gives me creeps, there's always that sense that you're not alone and there's scary creatures wandering around. I would love if the game was a bit longer like the origins of the stories or some sort of puzzles and stuff. 

This is honestly the strangest game ever, i would love to see you create more games like this. The man in this game gives me the creeps although i managed to find all the endings except the secret one. Here's my reaction video about it, Thank you! Love it!

This is really great indeed, the enemy in this game sometimes is unpredictable which makes it really interesting, like every action you do creates a butterfly effect. Anyways here's my reaction video if you guys want to check my reaction, Thank you!

I literally got spooked, the fact that the jumpscares are not expected at specific time is what makes this game more scary, although it's glitchy and sometimes i no-clipped out of nowhere which is what defines backroom really is. Anyways, i love it keep up the goodwork, Here's my Reaction Video about the gameplay if you wanna watch, Thanks!


10/10 for real, the way that i know that there will be jumpscare under some certain part of the game but still got jumpscared way more than i expected, is what makes this game more certain that its my best horror game so far. I'd recommend you guys to play this game, and if u want to see my reaction, here's my video enjoy!.

Really fun, the visuals are so confusing and it triggers some of my emotions, as mentioned. Some stages are satisfying and somehow has hidden meanings on it but overall love the game design. Here's my gaming reaction video <3 . 

the tension here is really scary once u feel like someone is watching you is like a red flag that u should bail out hahaha love this game, here's my reaction video to this game and also kudos to the developer <3

Really, really scary the silent ambience builts up the tension while knowing your not alone while exploring the unknown cave, its interesting and it made me scream like lil bits hahah, love this game kudos to the developer it was fun. here's my reaction video if you guys want to watch my reactions to this game.
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I luv this game hope there will be new updates anyways here's my gameplay about it
(i got 486 on the first try yeyyy!)