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Alright, so basically it's Super Metroid, but holy hell it's really well done. I like where this is going.

The art style and atmosphere are great. I really like the little touches, like how water and goo moves and the swaying of plants when you walk by. 

I thought the oxygen limit would be frustrating, but there are only select rooms that don't have air, and the mechanic adds some urgency to the gameplay. You get enough time to explore, but there's a sense that you need to keep moving to stay safe. I'm guessing this might get expanded upon in the full release.It also adds to the feeling that you're not some superhuman, but a person stuck in a messed up situation.

The only issue I think is the amount of health the boss has. It takes a really long time to kill and the flying one hit creatures don't give a lot of missiles. Then again, the missiles take off quite a big chunk of health off the boss, so it's probably for balance.

This game is really gorgeous to look at.

I really like the mechanics here. I've only played with a few 'heads', but there's already a lot of variety. It could probably be a bit faster, but maybe that's just me. Then again, the animations are very detailed and methodical, and attacks are well telegraphed, so whenever I died it was always my fault and I could tell what I should have avoided.

It's good that you can't spam the dodge to get out of everything. One thing it could definitely use is some kind of indicator when the dodge is ready again, but it's easy enough to get used to.

Don't know why, but the starting castle really tanks my framerate, but maybe it's because my PC's kind of a brick. There's no problems in normal levels with a lot of enemies on the screen, though, and that's where it matters, so it's fine.