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I wanna see it in action before I buy it maybe upload a YouTube video 

Any demo or video?

Is there a demo?

I wanna buy but wanna see at least some screenshots or a video at least

Alright, what game engine is it made in?

screenshots? demo or video?

any demo or video?

This looks amazing, great work! Will the price of this pack go up once more updates are done?

How many types of outdoor trees are there?

I’d like to suggest a fishing rod?

Will you be adding SMG'S?

What kind of weapons are there in this?

would be dope if you had a coloured version cause I’d buy it straight away 

We can talk through email if it is easier

Just the regular mouse unit and the left/right click, don’t need them animated at all, that updated controller image looks like something I could use, do you also have a keyboard layout that looks like that controller? As for price I’m not sure what would be reasonable so if you want suggest me a price and we can go from there

Title says it all

Do you take custom work?

Can you add a android demo? would be really cool on mobile

Suggestion: Save system would be amazing

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Email me @ and let me know how much you want to sell for!

You can upload your source code here on itch and set a price cause i am pretty sure there's a lot of people interested in something like this.

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Ever think about selling the source code for people to improve off this? Would love to buy this off you

No problem!! Nah sadly not 11 hours i had free this weekend from work and i spent it making the game lol, back to work tomorrow.

Hey thanks for giving it a go! Just to answer some things you mentioned, yeah i never got a chance to implement a player health system, there is a counter for how many bullets you have shot but i messed it up with the day/night ui, when i get some free time in a week or so i will fix some of them issues and upload a new build.

But i just wanna say thanks again for playing and I'm glad you enjoyed it.