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İ feel a lot better now that i played this thanks. İ wish there were a lot more games like this where u can just chill and talk to someone.Someone whose honest with you.Anyway thanks again.

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I am so glad that i found the French pants store it was hard to find.Smells like a sewer cause it is Jenkins.Anyway thanks for reading.We are still lost chief.NO WRONG WAY!:) HEY:) if you can read this you should stop climbing into pipes.Umbrella is very useful for geting into the break room.Am i allowed to be here?

-Looks like we are lost chief.

-I think so too Jenkins.

-We should have taken an umbrella.

-Thanks for this useful remark Jenkins.

hey i enjoyed it a lot thanks.

Dude i enjoyed it cant wait for the full relas

Hey i enjoyed it thanks