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Awesome demo! I'm truly terrible at this genre of game, especially in such a short play session. It was a lot of fun despite my own ineptitude. Definitely a tough game! I must have forgotten about changing my ship's speed and I bet it would have come in handy. The ability burst through enemy bullets is a great idea and one I regrettably underutilized.

The music is wonderful and I love the detailed art and unique designs. The Blue power up was by far my favorite of the three styles.

Unfortunately I don't have much feedback to give because I don't have a lot of experience in this genre. I personally thought it was difficult, but not in a bad way.

I am blown away by the story this game tells and the attention it draws to a number of social/economical/psychological issues. I collected all of the tips and "failed" a lot. But I eventually got an ending I was satisfied with. I love that the gameplay loop is so simple and restrictive, but that the narrative is so powerful. Unfortunately, the version I played has an issue with text getting cut off so I had to guess at what was being said, sometimes. Still, a delightful and dark experience that speaks of real issues. 

What a polished, well crafted little game! Nice work. I enjoyed it and sometimes wish more games were this short and sweet but as cleverly designed. 

Hello! I really enjoyed the concept of this game and was surprised by the way it "ended." Wasn't expecting that! However, my playthrough was rather buggy. It looks like you can sit with A button on Xbox gamepad, but the animation is glitchy and Maya won't actually sit. I couldn't really interact with the people and the only objects I could interact with were slippers, a cup, food, and the TV. I'm not sure what caused it, but after interacting with the cup numerous times a door finally opened. But, I understand this was for a game jam and appreciate the work that quickly went into it!

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First off, awesome game! I enjoyed what I played of it and think it has so much potential and a great aesthetic. I will be keeping an eye on this and look forward to seeing how it expands in the future. 


1. I launched the game from app. I used the "Maximize" button on the Windows interface of the game window to full screen it. Then, from within the MewnBase options, I clicked fullscreen in an attempt to make it borderless fullscreen. At this point the game crashed without any error given. I tried to launch it again from and it kept giving an error. Closing and relaunching didn't help. I was able, instead, to launch it from the .jar file in the local folder. I preserved my world and save data by copying the world folder into the game folder (contains the .jar file).

2. I crafted an RTG and placed it. A few minutes later I accidentally let my space kitty die and had to load back into the game. My placed RTG was still present due to automatic save from a new day. However, I still had the same RTG in my inventory and was able to put it into storage and also place it in the game world. I believe the RTG was the last item I placed before dieing. So, it would seem that by dieing and loading in the same session, I duplicated the RTG I had placed.

3. I noticed some... artifacting? during gameplay. There were glitchy black lines that showed up. Perhaps were tiles meet? I have some gameplay footage below that it shows up on. I use a 4k monitor, but it was in 1080p. The black lines don't always appear, thankfully.


1. I'm sure it isn't a priority, but simple ambient background music at some point would go a long way. 

2. Some way to show how much power each module is draining. I haven't used the Power Switch yet, so I may be missing that functionality if it exists. Maybe mousing over the base module or having a hotkey that will open Base Statistics to show what each module is doing (even if you are out exploring?) 

3. Reasons to explore. I didn't feel compelled to explore because it seemed like I could get everything I needed right around my base. I read that you'd like to implement more varied biomes in some form, which would probably help. Additionally, having randomly generated structures/points of interest to discover/loot would add interest. Also, if you expand on rge crafting and create more complex items there could be more rare components that can't be found near the base - forcing the player to branch out and explore more.

4. Damage indicator on the vehicle. This isn't entirely necessary due to the smoke effects you have. However, a way to gauge how much damage the vehicle has taken and a way to repair the vehicle while away from the base would be nice. Again, maybe I missed this feature. My car blew up before I could get out and try to click on it. 

5. Split stacks of items when storing them/removing them from storage.

6. I'd like to see workbenches and smelters allowed inside the base. Or did I miss this functionality entirely?

7. "Inventory Full" when trying to craft an item that will use resources in my inventory (therefor, freeing up space) drives me nuts. I understand from a coding perspective this may be a challenge. From a gameplay perspective, I am hoping that if I am crafting an item that uses exactly the amount I have my inventory it won't say "Inventory Full."

Overall, I love it. The content, currently, is fairly easy to get through. I think if I were to play the Endless mode I would be able to breeze through a lot of the items. The more challenging part would be accruing all the resources needed to get a really nice base with plenty of energy put together.