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Awesome game! This looks like a game that you had a lot of fun making! I hope you keep working on making more games like this

Wow! Honestly such a creative game design concept! Really awesome

Nice Quiz

More Game related questions!

This was surprisingly so much fun! I think you have something really entertaining and fun here! I'm glad I got to play it!

That was ridiculous but so much fun! Keep up the amazing work!

Awesome game jam submission. As the game stands right now there is no game loop. There's nothing that could cause me to lose the game other than getting bored. I would recommend thinking about some type of game over scenario! Also I personally don't think the music fit the scene too well. I'm sure there's some other song that would fit it better. But beyond all that this was great! Keep up the great work!

That was pretty challenging! But the vibe was there! I really like playing this game!!

Very nice mechanics! The jump feels really good. The automatic step up from the character controller feels a little bit too much though. Every step I go up it feels like I'm looking at a new scene or something. Maybe just have smaller steps. I honestly didn't think I should have been able to go up those steps with how big they were. But the whole character feel really good! Keep up the good work!

don’t even worry about it! It’s a learning process and it can take a minute to get familiar with it all!

Awesome looking boat! This game would sound really good with a couple of sound effects or music!

I would love to see something like some icebergs in the middle of the path that you have to dodge as well as trying to avoid the sides!

Winter community · Created a new topic Awesome first game!

I loved your art you used in your game! And the animations were really well made! I hope you keep making games and make your dream game. That being said, there were some things about the game that I think could be improved.

First off I didn't know what the controls were to play until I figured them out. And when downloading the game I wasn't sure which thing I needed to download to actually play the game. I would recommend having everything all in one zip folder so it's all together for the player.

For this being your first game and from a game jam, that's awesome! Keep up the great work!

I downloaded the game but wasn't able to play cause it seems like you only have the executable file not the rest of the game. If you zip up the whole build of the game with the .exe as well then we should be able to play your game!

The character controller feels very snappy and responsive! That's really good, keep up the goo work!

One suggestion I would make is since the player is a tractor you shouldn't be able to go left and right like a normal character. Make it so you can steer instead!

Keep up the good work!

I absolutely loved the atmosphere you created for this game! You did a really amazing job at creating an unsettling vibe almost immediately that put me on edge. That first jump scare honestly really got to me and made my fight or flight mode activate for the rest of the time I played, which I find very impressive! The audio was also really well put together. The effect of hearing voices as the meter got closer to the end made me start to have a paniced feel that I needed to do something and fast!

Of course there are some bugs still, I can't go to the credits screen and I can't use my mouse once I lose, but the other issue I found is that I had no idea how to play the game or what the goal or objective of the game was.It'd be nice to add that somewhere either in the game or on this page.

This was so much fun though! Keep up the good work!

This was such an amazing, moody, atmoshperic experience! I'm utterly amazed how closely this resembles Inside/limbo you absolutely nailed down the aesthetics of what those games felt and made it your own.

The events in the background, the enemies, the twist ending, and the cinematic ending were so above and beyond what I was expecting. I am so impressed by everything made here!

Keep up the amazing work!!

I love the game mechanic concept in this! It's very smart and really makes you think hard to solve some of these puzzles!!

This was an awesome game! The level of polish on the level design was amazing! You can really see the work that went into making the play area. While the enemy isn't the most terrifying antagonist, I did find myself having a feeling of a slightly raised heart rate at the beginning of the game!

UI and game feel were very strong in this game and that's something to be commended for! Very impressing!

Keep up the amazing work!

This was a really fun game! I got all the way to level 24 and got a score of 720! I love how the diffculty slowly ramped up the more powerful you got! That was really good game design and it felt very polished! And the sounds were really well made, it didn't sound annoying to hear the death sound over and over again, or the shooting, so you know some thought went into their design/implementation!

Keep up the awesome work!

This was such an awesome little experience! This truly was something special that you made! The atmosphere alone was so beautifully crafted!

If you were to add sounds, this would actually be a really nice feeling mechanic. It's already pretty good right now!

Yeah, you got it! I'll have to try the demo out with a controller sometime soon! Can't wait to see what game this beautiful character controller leads to!!

Congrats on your first game! From one dev to another, the best advice I could give you is watch out for scope creep. Don't let your game get too big with a bunch of awesome features and stuff that you can't finish the game!

Keep up the awesome work though!

Holy shit, hands down one of the best character controllers I've ever played with EVER!! This is an absolute testament to hard work and dedication to making a game feel right! I mean this honestly could easily compete with AAA studio character controllers! I'm in love with it already!

I did find one bug though, When in the menu I couldn't leave and had to close the game and restart.

You should be proud of this game! It's really cool and fun! It's so impressive that you made all the art yourself. And the fact the game has a working store is even more cool! Really awesome work. Keep up the game dev journey!

Cool game! I definitely think it could benefit from more sounds while playing the game! Like when collecting points or just fly in general!

Nice polish to this game! Music and sprites were spot on!

Idk if the leaderboard is like worldwide or anything, but I'm happy to say I'm sitting at the top rank rn. Real life acheivement right there hahaha.

Awesome game, really good sounds and visuals!

Nice game, I'm in love with the music for the game! I could leave it on for hours! Felt very clean and well put together

This was such a fun game! I was shocked at how cool the particles for winning were! Those were really impressive! The sounds for the game also felt great. I always love soundeffects made from a voice/person!

Interesting project. It threw me off at first with the controls being backwards but I adjusted. I ended up finding your secret area above everything else! Felt like I discovered an easter egg! Hahaha

Maxwell Spin community · Created a new topic Maxwell

He do be spinnin'

Loved this game! I'm not gonna lie, when the wine bottle broke I could feel my heart rate go up. So you definitely were getting some of those creepy moments in there! I'll be honest though, the "scare" at the end wasn't scary. Maybe with a stinger with it. Also the head bobbing up and down was too much. If you dialed that down more it'd be more enjoyable. But keep up the good work! I want to see more from you!

Very cool concept! And I'm really glad you made it so that you can't float away forever. I feel like it'd sell it a little more if the bullets also didn't have gravity just to show that you're in a weightless environment

Now that I finally got to play this game it was really fun! I think the BG music in the main menu was adorable along with the splash screen of the kitten. The models and assets used had a real solid feeling to them. Like they were firmly in the world. The material and lighting used really helped sell this feeling to me. The animation itself was decently good even if it wasn't perfectly tied to the up and down movement of the player. My biggest gripe was on the first level I kept dying and I couldn't put together why that was happening because there was no indication that the ground was dangerous, until I realized that I needed to be ascending up the objects. Overall I enjoyed the look and style of the game! Keep it up!

I tried downloading the game but it said it faild to open descriptor file :(

This was such an awesome game! The look and feel were really put together very well. This has to be one of the most put together games I've seen on here!

I'm so stunned by the quality of the animations and the art used in the game! It's very impressive. Was all the art made in house or are these assets made by someone else? They look very official! The gameplay it's self was very fun and after I finally figured out how to beat the slug enemy I was able to get much further in the game!

Played for a while and really loved the atmosphere you made! Genuinely felt creepy! Though I could never find the ending. I did find different types of rooms and such! Keep up the awesome work! For a first project this is amazing!

Awesome work on this project! I hope you learned a lot from this, Unity really does provide a lot of resources to figure this stuff out and this is a great one!

I really love this idea. I don't think I've ever seen anyone else make a game about doordash so this is pretty unique. There are a couple of hiccups with it however. Switching sprites while turning totally makes sense, but the way it's implemented right now is very disorienting and throws me off while turning. It also seems that getting hit by cars doesn't do much at all. I was expecting when I got hit, to fall down or get hurt but as far as I was aware I didn't get hurt at all.

Now on the other hand, beyond the sprites, I really liked the feel of the bike controls. And I have to give praise for the tutorial! Not many people put those in their games so I really appreciate that you did. The lighting aslo was amazing! The colors of the streen lights really added some flavor to this game!