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The art style and music are amazing  in this game, and also I love the theme!

However the controls felt pretty counter-intuitive with the water jet-pack. it made it really hard for me to move around efficiently.

You definitely have a solid theme going on here though, and I love that!

Wow I'm really impressed with the wall crawling ability you've made, it's really impressive! The cut scene at the beginning was awesome as well. First time I've seen someone try that around this skill level! Also the music was a nice little touch up

That being said though, there were some issues.

Switching from surface to surface was a bit glitch-y and it made getting to the turrets difficult. The bullets going through the wall made it so you could never find cover from the turrets and never had a chance to not lose health. It also wasn't very obvious how to shoot to start out with. That took me a minute to figure out.

I hope to see more from you though! This was really cool!

I love the music and the UI Looks nice and crisp!! It all make the gameplay feel very nice and smooth!!

Jesus Christ this was pure chaos XD I loved it though!!

Some things I'd love for you to add though:

Mouse sensitivity, It was hard to aim because it was so sensitive by default

Some cross-hairs to line up shots better

and just to track bullets better, some trail renderers on the bullets!

Keep making chaos!!

Very nice little game, I really liked the transitions from one room to the other! And the search for the one secret lava pit was a nice twist as well!! Keep it up!

This was pretty fun! As @agget said below I definitely would be helpful to have a pop up or something to explain the controls a little better.

One thing that I would like to see is for the art to be a bit brighter especially the walls. At first I couldn't figure why the monsters weren't able to get to me until I realized that it was a wall in there way.

The character controller feels really nice though! It was nice and snappy and felt very responsive to input!

Keep up the good work!

A pretty decent game I'd say but I have some critiques:

First off you either need to make the screen size smaller or make it so you can go into full screen mode

The spawn rate is way to fast! You just click as frantically you can kill them all

The enemies also only go to one position and spawn from one position so it's not too hard to kill them off

However, Your shooting mechanics work great! I could shoot as fast as I wanted to without it bugging out! I also like the designs of the characters you used they were very nice looking! Keep it up!

So I noticed a couple of problems with the game so far

The lighting seems to be much too harsh and needs to be brought down in intensity.

It seems like the characters collider is off center, because when I would turn around to get out of a dead end I would end up dying because I'm assuming the collider touched the spikes

I'm not so sure about all the sound effects either. They're pretty noise and definitely don't seem to fit the theme of the game, however if these are just for place-holder sound effect I can understand that.

Lastly I'm not sure if you have to collect all the food to beat the game or not because once I got to the end to feed the duck nothing happened, so I tried collecting all of the pieces which is where I ran into the second issue I stated above

All of that aside though, you have a pretty solid player movement script! It felt sharp and snappy which can be hard for people to get down! (Me included). Definitely use that system you have to your advantage! I could see you making something pretty cool with it! And while you didn't have the best picked out sound clips for everything at least you have an understanding of how all that works! Having sound in your game enhances it by so much! Keep at it all!

Yeah! Looking forward to what else you make!!

Nice! I'm sure you'll end up using this idea in the future, I like that you can make the players fall faster, that's cool!

If you want to convey more jetpack-iness you should use particle effects! They would make flying look a lot better!

(1 edit)

Super simple gameplay but done very well!! Such a polished little mini game, the sound effects create such a child-like innocents to this game and it's so wholesome!! I love it!!

It's actually pretty similar to the gameplay of my game that I made a while ago! Except yours is a lot more polished then mine is at this point!

Really Impressed!! :)

Edit: Also meant to ask, the shader you're using is awesome! Very retro looking. Did you make it yourself?

Wow the fact that you made this in 3 days is impressive!! You definitely have the ability, it seems like, to improve this as you see fit!

I look forward to seeing what else you make!!

Yeah I was think, if the movement you have right now is the direction you want to have, it still works really well!!

It definitely makes is more skill based! Which is nice! 

You're doing a lot of things incredibly right in this game!!

At first when I was reloading after shooting 1-2 shots and I still lost all the other bullets I was like, oh there's a bug. But then I thought about it and realized, if I only shot one bullet and changed magazines I would have thrown away almost a full clip! It then made a lot more sense to me! So that touch of realism was awesome, but maybe re-frame it that you're changing mags and not just reloading (If that's the direction you're trying to go)

Also I love the scarcity of the ammo! I really got a sense of panic when I ran out and had to dodge the hoard of zombies to go find more!

The sounds are also really good. The ambient noise in the background sets the mood just right. The zombie noises were a bit quite though, I didn't even realize they were making a noise till later in the game.

The only critique I have left are all cosmetic. I would love to see more animations for the player reloading and getting hit, and the zombies getting hit too.

Keep up the great work man!! I'm really impressed!!

This is a pretty good game here! It took me a minute to figure out exactly how everything work, but man once I figured it out my score drastically increased!

I kept wanting to move pieces up and down though, just from my years of playing connect three type games I guess hahaha. I'm not sure if that's the direction you're going in but regardless I think what your game could use most is a quick in-game explanation or tutorial of some kind. Just to speed up the figuring out process!

Otherwise I loved it! I ended up playing for a good bit see how high of a score I could get and how clear I could get the screen! Keep it up man!

Tankio community · Created a new topic Some suggestions.

Loving this game so far! Seeing a lot of potential here. 

I just wanted to throw out some of my suggestions. It might be better to have the enemies rotation speed a little bit slower then you're able to go around them, just so you can get the upper hand on them!

And maybe you could normalize your speed for the player so it's more easy to line up shots on the enemies!

Just suggestions though. You're the creator here! Love seeing your progress, you are learning a lot!! That's awesome!!

Nice! What a simple way of telling your story! I think it's very effective even if it's just squares!

I'm sorry you went through all that though, being in a toxic relationship can be hard on you in so many ways! But it's awesome that you're taking back control and creating from that experience! That's awesome!

Hope you're doing good now, can't wait to see what you make next!

Great remake! Those colors are so vivid, well done!

Maybe next you could set up a score system whenever you pass through the rings!

Wow I am just blown away by this! There's nothing not to like! This is such a well put together game!

The animations are quick and crisp feeling, much like the gameplay itself!

And my god the sound design is so spot on. It is ridiculously satisfying killing the enemies in the way because of the sound design. The music is as well perfectly fitting!

You guys have a solid idea of theme here and a powerful hold of control. That's amazing!!

This is an awesome new project man!! Can’t wait to see where it goes!

You're definitely right! I really should update these other games to have sound and things like that! I probably will once I'm done with my next project!

Thanks for the critique!!

Awesome zombie game!! Really well put together!! The sound effects are very well placed!

If you play long enough though the music stops. I really wanted to kill as much as I could and I noticed that.

I got to 99 btw!

Of course man! Go at your own pace. I'm also trying to figure out C# as well, it's definitely not easy, but you'll get there at some point!

Keep up the good work man! Can't wait to see what you make next!

The menus look very fresh and crisp! That's really nice. 

And the use of the music feel good as well, but the game does feel like it needs to be a bit more fast paced with that music. Maybe just have the player move faster.

Also it was hard to tell how far i was through a level. Maybe add a way to tell how far I have left to get to the end of each level!

Keep up the good work!

Nice work! It was very challenging!

It would be nice if you had some menus to start off with though and maybe a score for each level!

A great start to game development though!!

Oh that's awesome that you made the sounds yourself too!! They're really good sounds for what you're using them for!!

The update looks really nice man!! The main menu looks so good!!

The level design is getting really nice, those levels where the ball can end up popping a bunch of brick are very satisfying!

Something that I would suggest (if you're not already working on it) is add some colorful particle effects! That would be really interesting!

Glad to see the progress on this game!! Keep it up man!

Wow! this was such a well polished game! It feels very professional. The sound design is super well thought out and the controls are snappy and responsive!

Also the game is very entertaining! The feeling of speed is very tangible with all the little shakes and particles flying by!!

I seriously enjoyed playing this a lot!!

This was surprisingly addicting!! The sound effects and the little touches like camera shake really made each hit feel powerful!

I really like the idea for the birds bouncing back and gaining speed. Really nice game design right there!!

Amazing platformer!! I would love to know how you got your jump to feel so smooth and responsive!!! Totally made the game feel snappy and quick! I loved it! Also the sound FX really added to that feel of snappyness!

And the game was challenging as well!! I couldn't get past the second level after die almost like a thousand time!!

The only critique I would have is maybe have some UI elements like a timer. Other than that it was an awesome game!!

Really good bullet patterns! It's definitely a challenge. However my one critique would be to optimize the framerate on the nightmare level. It takes away from the experience from that intense level!

Other wise it was an awesome bullet hell game!! I loved the music for the beginner level! XD Did you make that song yourself??

This was a pretty cool way to show off your work! Nice!!

This is a great start to making games!!

My only critique would be to make it so you can't go off screen.

Other than that though, it's good!

I’m working on another small game, it’s going to be like a 3D platform running game!

Thanks for playing man!! I’m not sure if I’ll be adding any more to this one, I want to try and make something different!

but if I were to add to it it’s probably be particles and sound FX 

Great game!! I ended up playing a lot longer than I expected to!! Simple yet addicting!!

I love the Hi-Score feature at the end!! Definitely makes me want to play more!

Wow great improvement!! Coming along nicely!! Keep it up man!

That's totally fair, It did make it pretty challenging that way! Those other things definitely need to be addressed, can't wait to see what you turn it into!!

You have got an amazing game on your hands here man! (Or woman) Awesome pixel art and the background music has a perfect pastel vibe to it!!

Only critique I could think of is maybe have the changing color assigned to the mouse wheel or something like that so you can switch quicker

Beautiful game man. Keep doing what you're doing!!