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This is absolutely addicting to play! I had to really pull myself away from the keyboard to stop playing! I really love how every building is pretty minimal in design.

The only thing I would suggest is to have some kind of tooltip or some kind of description somewhere as to what each building does, and what each color means in the inventory. I was able to figure most of it out in the end but It'd be nice if I didn't have to. UNLESS of course that's what your going for.

Loved it, will be back to play more!!

Very Difficult game, but I was determined to make it to the top...I fell off right at the very end :'(

The game mechanics were good, but some of the targets were a bit to small to aim at when moving fast (I'm not sure if that's what the intention was) and the cloud elevator to the top of the mountain was a bit slow.

Other than that, pretty good game!

This was a really great start to some fun AI!

The demo has a couple of issues, but they don't totally take away from the point being made. I'd love to see them used in a more practical use!!

It's honestly amazing to see what impressive work you put out so quickly! And it's consistently good! I can easily see you making it big on some project someday!! Then I'll be able to say, "I knew this guy when he was just starting out!"

Cheers mate, keep up the good work!!

This was beyond adorable!! It was super fun to play as well! Your team should be very proud of y'all's work!! I loved it! Some additions I personally would think to be really cool would be to have some story connected to the zombie outbreak! XD I feel like if you were to progressively get more stories about how it's getting crazy out there while you're just taking care of your eggs would be really fun!

Also I just got to say I absolutely loved the music decisions made here! They were choice!!

Unfortunately the game isn’t available for download right now, but if you’d prefer it to be downloadable I can update the game to allow that!

Thank you so much for playing! Yeah, I agree that the gameplay is a bit rough around the edges but I'm hoping my next games are easier to understand!

Thanks again, and thanks for the rating! I really appreciate that! <3

This was a really nice little game!! I really loved that the aspect ratio was a portrait size! That actually felt really cool, and the style of minimal colors along with the isometric camera perspective was very appealing. And the death animation was almost as satisfying as the gameplay itself, it was very clean feeling!

There were a couple of issues I found however. You can jump infinitely because I would assume the ground detection wasn't working. On top of that I would just say that it'd be nice to have more variety in obstacles. Other than that it was a great game!

Maybe add some music and sound effects and I think this game could be pretty successful! Keep up all the good work my friend!!

This is such an amazing tribute to Portal!! I'm super impressed with the physics at play here! They feel very familiar! I will say there were a couple of hiccups here and there. They audio for walking while crouched was a bit buggy and the player movement was a bit spotty while jumping. But It looks like you've got all the hard stuff out of the way!!


This was a great little platformer! And surprisingly the story hit home for me a bit. I sitting here trying to work on my own games and I'm feeling so discouraged at my progress. So I thought it was interesting that I picked up your game when I did!!

Other than that It was an fun run!

This was by far one of the most fun and original games I've played in a while!! The whole game idea was so unique and it just worked so well!! I thoroughly enjoy the hell out of it!! You've honestly inspired me so much with this game!! Thank you for making these awesome games!!

This was an awesome and original idea! I'm super impressed!!

This was so fun!! I really wanted it to keep going and have more rings of satellites!! Was very enjoyable!!

Wow I am super impressed with this game!!! I would personally say this is leaps and bounds better then your first game!! I had an absolute blast playing this!! I still have my constructive criticism to give though.

It was a bit frustrating when I would get stuck on the side of the road and went to restart and ended up getting sent to the beginning of the game. Once I got used to the feel of the car though I didn't have to restart as much.

I would suggest just some overall level design polish, you know, making sure the building aren't awkwardly on the road, same for trees and bushes.

I was really impressed actually with some of the smaller details you put in like the sun flairs, the boxes and dumpsters, and things like that! They really fun to interact with and made things feel more high quality!

When it comes to the textures they seemed pretty good for most the models. The only ones that were a bit off that threw me out of it were some of the building textures. Speaking of textures, the white lines were a bit low quality and there was a bit of a weird graphical thing going on where it looked like their resolution got worse and worse the further away from you.

I also really need to talk about the car controller...It was super impressive!! I had a lot of fun drifting the car around some turns and sometimes spinning out. I'm not sure if you made the car model yourself or if you got it from somewhere else, but I think the game could use a better model. The feel of the car would also probably be better if there were audio sfx for turning, accelerating, an idle engine, things like that! Sound design can go a long way in making the feel of the game.

I'm super excited to see what else you end up making, cause this game was genuinely very enjoyable!!

Well tell Zachary Delgros that I personally said he did an amazing job!! I can't wait to see what you guys release in the future

This was an amazing little puzzle game! It looked like it was super fun to work on! I really would love to know if you personally worked on making those models or if they're from a asset pack? Cause they amazing! I loved the style of everything!

Not only that but the level design was amazing! I'm incline to assume that this is not actually your first game project because, while things were very bare bones for the time being, what was there was exceptionally placed.

You were already aware of the issues with no menus and being able to fly which do need attention, but I also noticed that the lighting, when going into dark areas of the first puzzle, would go pitch black and take a second to get back to normal lighting levels (I know Unreal kind of does this by default, I think, just needs some adjustments). SPOILER:: It was quite hard to find the pressure plate in the first area because of the lighting, or maybe you could make it stand out better with the current lighting

I think the experience would be greatly enhanced with some ambient music/sounds. They sfx already used were really high quality and were a good choice!!

Hope to see more from you!!

I just want to start off by saying I'm so proud that you finished this project! Making games is hard and can be incredibly discouraging when things don't work, and since you overcame that it's such a big step!!

But no game is free from my critique:

-For future projects/ an update to this one, I would have it start with a title screen so were not thrown into gameplay right away.

-Try adding some sfx to picking up the points or maybe the ball rolling around!

-The controls feel pretty responsive which is really nice for the feel of the game

-This might just be a me issue but the frame rate was pretty slow, so maybe that could be something you could look into

I cannot express how important it is that you've made it this far!! Idk if you plan on going into game dev in the future but you're that much closer to getting there now. You're one game ahead of the people that are still all talk! <3

This is a very polished game! I was very impressed with the level of quality with the controls and audio used! There were times the controls felt a bit lag-y however, sometimes as I was landing on another platform I would still be moving without any input, and also jumping when I didn't hit a jump button.

The only other critique I would say would be to use a crisper text in the level select. Other then that it was great!

This file download doesn't contain any game, or even an application. Just a bunch of extensions and an old blender scene that can't be interacted with. Wouldn't recommend posting this stuff, it's super sus.

The only thing I would suggest for your future games is to focus of polish then features. It's important (If you're serious about game development) to make sure you have a clean product. 

DISCLOSURE: I'm definitely not saying don't put anything out unless it's perfect/exactly the way you want it to be!! This can kill a game more than anything!! Just make sure with each next game, you try a little harder to make it look pretty!!

I can't wait to see your next game!! I love racing games!!

I'd say you got the foreground and the first midground down really nicely! The two other backgrounds are a bit too low of a frame rate imo. Very cool none the less!

Well if I'm going to say anything, It's that this was interesting! Very expressionistic of you. Keep making art like this! Or just keep creating in general!

Text adventures are such an awesome way to start game dev! This is a great start to figuring everything out!

Nice concept, I like that the wizard guy can give you potions that have negative effects as well!!

I absolutely loved this game!! The art style, the music, the animations, the UI design. Everything is so polished and on top of all of that, the game is really fun and unique!! 

I love the art assets you're using in this but unfortunately I have no idea how to play the game, and the controls aren't written anywhere! Hope to see this game updated!

I'd definitely say this is a really good first attempt at game dev!! You really had some awesome ideas implemented into this project and you should definitely be proud of that.

But as all game devs learn, you need to hear the criticism too.

Most the textures were out of place and seemed like strange choices for the context. But hey, it's better then no textures at all!

The crouch feature seemed unnecessary seeing as I never used it through the whole game. The one feature I would have wanted would be a sprint instead of a crouching ability.

I loved the castle used near the end of the game but we never even got to really interact with it! I would have been such a great place for grapple hooking things!

And lastly, I loved that you actually had a tutorial level (Most newer game devs don't do this and should!) and the music in the game was really fitting!!

I hope to see more stuff from you in the future!!

This seemed like a pretty simple game, and there didn't seem to be a whole lot you could do to raise your faith. The things you could do however seemed way to much, releasing the animals already gives you 1000 faith so it seems pointless to do anything else.

I'd love if there were more things to do/more people to talk to. The art was amazing and I'd like to see more places!

This was a blast to play!! Things got really tense once the grenade really started speeding up!!

Very interesting pixel art! I would have liked it to be a bit longer though!

I think this game revealed that I have a gambling problem XD Very fun!

Wow this was actually an amazing concept! At first I couldn't get the hang of it but after awhile this was a very fun game to play!! I really want to see more of it!

I really enjoyed playing this one, I'd go as far as to say this is your best game yet! The art and music were awesome, and the whole game concept was very well designed!!

I also checked out your YouTube channel out and I love the content you're putting out there!

Keep it up man!!

This was such an amazing experience to go through! It had such a high level of polish that I was very pleased to see.

You did an amazing job of capturing the atmosphere and started to develop a sense of fear early on.

There's only two critics I will give here.

1.) Some of the hallways seemed just too dark for me to see much, and what I couldn't see (not by design I'd assume) I couldn't be scared of. And

2.) While the atmosphere was developed exceptionally well in the first half of the game, by the second half it started to seem a bit lazy, and more jump-scare tactic.

Other than those 2 things this was an amazing experience!!

What an awesome first game! I especially loved the second level where you use physical boards to get across gaps!! A great twist on the basic Roll-a-ball tutorials!

As you said the game was rushed, and from what I can see it looks like you're inexperienced. But the fact that you got this done at all is amazing!! I'm actually pretty impressed on some aspects! 

Like the camera movement, it was really solid!!

And I enjoyed the attempt at a story! Not a lot of beginners even attempt that!

I look forward to seeing your future projects!

This was a really awesome platformer! You should really be proud of yourself for making this man!!

This definitely felt like you had worked a long time on it, and it showed!

That being said though, there was one part of the game that I felt like I died a lot not due to my lack of skill but because of design. I forgot which level it was, but it was the level with the black balls that flew around randomly. They were too random to predict and made things too unfair, and there seemed to be a glitch where if you touched the right wall at all you would always die. The first couple of level also seemed to have a bad distiction between background elements and what was an obstical. I died immediately upon starting the game because of that.

Back to the good stuff though! The character moved very smoothly and it was incredibly responsive. Every death I felt was always on me (except the level I was talking about earlier). Because the controls were so tight I didn't have any problem really dodging the later enemies.

And speaking of the later levels, the previous issue with not being able to distinguish the background with obsticals was much less of an issue with the flying enemies and the spike obsticals!

I also thought the pacing of the game was very well put together! I didn't feel like things just got way harder out of nowhere.

And the little bit of story throughout the game really kept me wanting to play more! I just had to see what would happen when I beat my struggle.

I really hope to see more games like this from you!! Keep up the good work man!!