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This was actually really fun! It was a bit hard to get started but some of those upgrades really let me get pretty far into the game! I loved the animations!

Had a blast! I absolutely loved the home made sounds you put into everything! That was great. 

Nice animations and sounds!

Wow! This was such an awesome game! Everything feels so polished and there's so much game juice making everything feel so impressive! I was shocked when I saw the day night cycle and that there was weather! This was so fun to play! I can't wait to see where this goes!

Much better! And those new features make it way more clear about how the enemies are after your cursor and not you. I love that! 

For all the particals in the game, are you using the visual effects graph? How are you getting such awesome partical effects?

Keep up the amazing work!

I was on the web version!

The amount of polish this game has is down right insane! Everything felt so ridiculously clean/snappy/good! The visuals were the icing on top for me! The bloom and particals just itched that part of my brain I didn't realize I needed itching!

And on top of all that the gameplay was super engaging! I kept playing to get a better and better score! Though there was a bug where the first time I died instead of my best saying the score I had, which was like 2-4 it jumped to 145, so just something to look into!

This was so lovely! I've been trying to piece together the boids algorithm in Unity for a minute now cause it just looks so cool! This was such an awesome demonstration. At first I thought it was cool enough just being among the boids but when I found the food pellets and saw the crazy behaviours that blew me away!

Plus I loved the music in this demo, was it from a free source

Hahaha awww that's so sweet of you! I appreciate that

What an awesome game! I loved playing it and I'm so glad to see that you're still making games! Some of the levels you made were really awesome and loved the level design you went with on some of them!

Awesome recreation of space invaders! Very faithful to the original! Very fun

Very fun! Really well polished for what it is! Keep up the good work!

Only thing I could say is it could use some animations here and ther

This was actually really fun to play! I love the idea!

It took me 2-3 play throughs to totally get what was going on but I got there eventually. I think the game could greatly benefit from a tutorial for sure!

The mechanics themselves were very engaging! I love the shields, the attacking, the ability to win on two fronts, either health or vibe lmao.

I see you said that the music and bacground are temporary but I honestly loved the classical music more than the other song that was playing! I always wanted to kind of be in a weak state just so I could listen to it. In the future being able to choose what your band plays would be nice! And for the background and other elements I think this game would greatly benefit from some animations of the characters!

I really hope to see this project take on more!

Very nice! Well put togethe

These games are dangerous for people like me, They're so addicting XD Very well made!

It's games like this that are why I love indie games! This has to be one of the most unique game ideas I think I've ever seen before!! I will say though the frustration of not being able to get the eyes at the very least oriented straight was difficult to fully enjoy the whole concept. I desperately wanted to play through the rest of the game and check out the world but I could never get the eyes on just right to a point that I felt I would have had a fair chance at the game. Don't get me wrong though, I think this idea is amazing! Maybe just have the robot rotate along it's up axis or when the eyes land they always orient to match with the robots up axis. Keep up the amazing work!

Oh man that rapid fire was extremely satisfying!! Loved that!

Awesome game man! Love the look of your particles and the way the jetpack looks!!

I got pretty good at dogding those obstacles and was able to get going pretty fast!!

Keep up the great work!

Classic game! I love to see these! Keep up the great work!! Can't wait to see your next game!

Awesome game mechanic!! Really surprised me how well it worked! I hope to see more battles as blobboi against the net soon!

Bro this is an amazing character controller! You could be very proud of yourself!! One of the most smooth fluid character controllers I've seen in a while!

Wonderful game! I loved it as well! Really love the feel of the balls movement. Felt like a real bouncy ball! Keep up that amazing work!

Thanks so much for trying it out!

This project was one of the first assignments of last semester and I have something MUCH more exciting I'm working on at the moment!

Love the look of the game!! I got a score of 45!

One thing I would recommend is making the enemy movement a little more random. I was able to stand in one spot and never get hit. The sound effects and visuals were really entertaining!!

I love these kinds of games! I think you handled it very well! I was a bit difficult to start up without dying after a couple of waves, but after I figured out the effectivness of each tower I started to get the hang of things! The one suggestion I would give is after each round is over, It'd be nice to get some cash just for surviving!

Awww thank you so much for trying it out! Hopefully I'll have much more to show throughout the school semester!

I got a score of 60! Great game, I loved the almost like ragdoll/cloth physics on the enemies on death! Real great effects!

This Game, like Jazparsons previous game, has so much atmosphere to it that makes it feel like they really put some thought and passion into the game!

The opening gets straight to the point while also doing a really good job of simply explaining the mechanics of the game.

The part that I loved the most was the music and the voice acting! While the voice acting sounded a bit monotone and not as expressive as I'd expect from the lines given, the fact there was voice acting at all sets the bar waaaay up there! That's more than most indie devs are able to accomplish. The lines read were also very informative and the voice actress still did manage to put a bit of character into the player!

The low poly style was also very appealing! I loved the look of the trees mixed with the look of the buildings!

This person is 100% going somewhere with their design of games!

This was a really fun game! The game design concepts here are really solid! The controls felt a little funky for controling the plane with the mouse but it wasn't that big of a deal. I was still able to play the game mostly fine! And then there were some towns that would spawn on the very edge of the map and if I tried to fly over them I'd go to the next scene.

The thing I was most impressed with was how inticing you made the upgrades! That's one of the biggest things about these kinds of games and you seemed to really make me want those new planes and bombs!! That's really good design. 

Great job on this game! Keep up the good work!

I think I played this way more than I should have lmao, I got a score of 150!!

Absolutely amazing graphics for such a small game. There was some performance hiccups here and there, but as I replayed each section they game would stutter less and less.

This is one of the first on the rails type games I've actually seen on itch surprisingly! So you definitely have some originality going for you!

I felt like the one shot death sentence was a bit too harsh seeing how easy it is to run into so many objects including the terrain. Maybe having a lives system could help this!

Very well put together game! Just needs some polish and it'll be a fully enjoyable experience!

keep up the great work!

Love the concept! This game seems like it's very polished and is highly developed. My only complaint is the camera is slightly difficult to use and it reacts a bit too much to the player looking around. I couldn't get through much of the game because I was fighting the camera more often than not.

I Love the art style and the sound design used in the game though, fits very well!

What a great game! Very original game design and very polished! this felt like a massive step up from your previous games.

I ended up actually playing a lot of it, and managed to get a high score of 24!

So happy to see you still making games!

Only two things I would suggest:

1.) Have a restart button close to the controls on the keyboard. It would have been very nice if I could have reset the game without using my other hand to grab the mose to click the button, and

2.)(This is super nitpicky) have the score text have the same chromatic abboriation as the rest of the screen. It seems strange to see everything distorted except the score number

These are also just my opinions, so don't feel like you have to make these changes if you do find them necessary to your game!

Keep up the great work!!

This game is incredibly well put together! Very fast paced gameplay, and very strong, tight controls! I'll definitely be checking out what else you have made soon! Loved this, can't wait to see what else you make!

To start off, the opening is truly immersive. With the camera work, the narration, the music. It all comes together to make an awesome opening. One that you don't find in most indie games at this level. The world felt so filled with story and intrigue. I was egar to explore around more! Though it took me a while to get to some places, it was worth it to see the interesting environments made for each place. I totally recommend this game to anyone looking for a very interesting indie game to try out.

I cannot wait to see what else you make in the future!!

Awesome game man!! Love the whole concept! That's super impressive that you made all this stuff yourself. This jam must have taught you so many cool things about game development! Keep up that great work!!

Love the trail renderer, that's really cool! I'd love to see the player be able to jump as well!

This was so fun!! I played it multiple times! I didn't quite know what I was supposed to do at first, but eventually I figured it out! It was so fun collecting more and more squares! But I think there might be a bug because every time I restarted it seemed like the lava got faster at the start compared to the first time I started.

Keep up the great work though! This was super fun!

Oh boy those pipes are going by fast! I managed to get through the second one after a minute! The random generation worked really well though! So that was really impressive!

I'd say just give the player more time to react to those pipes and you're golden! Keep up the good work!!