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Love the trail renderer, that's really cool! I'd love to see the player be able to jump as well!

This was so fun!! I played it multiple times! I didn't quite know what I was supposed to do at first, but eventually I figured it out! It was so fun collecting more and more squares! But I think there might be a bug because every time I restarted it seemed like the lava got faster at the start compared to the first time I started.

Keep up the great work though! This was super fun!

Oh boy those pipes are going by fast! I managed to get through the second one after a minute! The random generation worked really well though! So that was really impressive!

I'd say just give the player more time to react to those pipes and you're golden! Keep up the good work!!

10/10 would recommend

I'm just amazed at how much your level of polish keeps getting better and better with each game you make!! You've outdone yourself on this one I feel!

Wow dude!! This was very impressive! The lighting was seriously top tier

That sounds so exciting!! I wish you the best of luck in all that!!

And yes that balance is very hard to reach! It's what every game developer, big and small, struggle to acheive! But by the looks of things you're very much on the right track!!

Wow!! This blew my mind compared to the first game you had created before this!! This is miles ahead of anything I was expecting!!

The gameplay idea was really fun! The difficulty curve could have been a steeper earlier on because I did find myself quickly getting the hang of the gameplay loop.

The little cheat was really helpful once the map started getting bigger and it got harder to find the satelites, and I like how you hide it a little so it wouldn't be an immediate thing you can do!

Over all I had so much fun playing this!! The models, the feel, everything was so well put together!! I really can't wait to see what awesome games you come up with in the future!!

Consider me a fan hahaha!!

that’s so awesome!! I can’t wait to see it!!

I love playing these super simple games! It's always exciting to see someone jump into the world of game dev with their first ever game! I can't wait to see more from you and see what you are able to create!! Good luck my friend!!

I honestly loved this game XD This was so fun!! Keep up the good work!

Played your game and there were some really awesome things you had in it!

I'll start with the bad then the good!

The Bad:

-The text used was Very Blurry. You should look into using Textmesh Pro from now on! It's much higher quality, and easier to read.

-Jumping around was difficult at times because there were no air controls. Once you jumped in a direction you could only go there and if you missed you knew that well ahead of time and would have to wait to respawn. Even the slightest controls would make this feel much more fair!

-At the end of level 1 the text instructions say to hit the boxes to, I would assume, go to the next level. But nothing happens and you have to go around them to get to the next level. I feel like what you meant to do was have the boxes fall down after you hit them, and that would be pretty cool, so try to get that back in!

-When getting into the car you can suddenly see the mouse cursor.

-When jumping off the jump pads to get to the car, You can totally go over the car and not get into it.

-And lastly when you get into the tunnel at the end of the last level nothing happens.

Alright enough of that, now for the Good!!

-First off the character controller feels SUPER good!! Whenever I was running around it felt really snappy and responsive.

-The really high quality textures you used on most the objects was awesome! They definitely added value to the game!

-The wall jumping part was really cool, and I feel like you could have expanded on it by making the walls longer and more spaced apart! I could get past them with one jump and I wanted a reason to jump more!!

-The car was hands down the best part of the game!! The handling was very fun and I found myself just riding around the little spot at the end of the ramp! I feel like the setting you placed it in wasn't the greatest spot to show off the benefits of how fun it was to drive around so maybe a bigger puzzle to race around!

-The landmines were also pretty interesting. I was shocked how far they flew me away! I think you could really use them to your advantage and maybe incorporate them into a puzzle of some kind!

Keep up the great work man, I can't wait to see what else you end up making!!

This was a fun game and it was actually pretty challenging to play!! But I managed to make it all the way through the game!! Really loved the sounds you used for the game! Once I started it up I thought I was listening to my own music! Where did you find that song from, I loved it! The other sounds were very nice, and crisp!

I liked the mechanics that you came up with and they really felt solid! I played on my PS4 controller and I was really hoping to be able to use the analog stick but found out how to get the game running with the D-Pad.

I'd say this is one of your most polished games you've made!! Keep up the awesome work!!

Wow, nice score!! Thanks! I made the music in like 10 minutes so it definitely could have been better, but I'm happy with how it turned out from that short little jam session!!

I loved this so much!! One of the best games I've played on itch!! Idk how I didn't see it before but the fact that you made this for a game jam makes this even more of an amazing accomplishment!! This was like Subnautica for the PS1 and it stood out some much from everything else!! Thanks for making this game!!

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Great game!

I got all the way up to 200 laps before I gave up XD I couldn't trust anything!!

Very fun though!

This game is absolutely amazing!! It's so fun to roam around and see all the different sea life there is! I really would have loved if there was some crazy secret at the bottom of the sea though! That would be awesome. But nonetheless this is an amazing game!

Some things I'd want to see is maybe an upgrade for a bigger net. I found I couldn't grab fish as easily as I had hoped for. But that's about it!

Love the new tower!!! This is really turning into an awesome Tower Defense game!!

This is an awesome Challenge to give yourself!! And it looks like you executed it really well!! Keep up the good work!!

Also I was wondering why you decided to only have the jump feature on the bottom half of the screen? Was it because of a limitation? Or just an artistic preference?

I think I got somewhere around the 7,000 range? I gave it my best shot hahaha

I was really hoping this was going to end up being a rhythm game with the notes landing on the beat. Beyond that disappointment the game has some really great things to it! I really love the art style a lot! It's very unique and stands out!

On top of that, the music was awesome!! I really loved the 3-4 songs I heard. Are they original or are they from somewhere else? I was really jamming out to each piece.

And from a gameplay perspective I'll just say that it wasn't until the 4,000 score point that the game actually really started getting fun, however shortly after that when things started getting crazy it wasn't as fun again

Overall it was an awesome little game you made up! Keep it up!

This was a nice little replica of a CRAZY popular game!! I think you did a great job of recreating it's core mechanics!

This game was Incredibly fun to play!! The sounds and the feed back of the grapple was very satisfying and the level layouts were very interesting!

So I downloaded the game but was only greeted with an empty plane with only the gun to interact with. I wasn't able to defeat the VR player even though I unloaded every bullet the game had.

The description of the game based off the game page actually sounds really awesome but as this game stands right now, it's not really a game at all.

I do hope to see some development of this idea though because it sounds really fun!

I like the concept of the game but for me it was very difficult to control our little bee friend with the controls inverted the way they are set up by default. I also wasn't able to get past the second level because the nectur from the second flower didn't spawn, so the game timed out.

I do however love the art style you have going on right now for the game! I feel like it's very much in the right direction for this game. The music was also a pretty good fit for the comfy cozy feel of the game.

Keep it up, I hope to see more from you in the future!!

Oh thank you so much!! I'm glad you enjoyed playing it!! This was my first completed and published game and I learned so much from it!

I would love to answer any and all questions you might have about game development! I think the best way to reach out to me would be through discord! Here's my username and stuff:


Please feel free to ask me anything you want!!

Wow I thought this was going to just be another cube game, but you took it and made it your own thing!! Every time I see a new game developer make on of these I always tell them to change it up and add something else to it to make it more of your own game! And by god is that what you did!!

Super Impressed with what you made! Can't wait to see more!!

Love the update!! It was very fun to play through!! I'm looking forward to seeing more be added to this game!!

This was the start of an awesome game!! I would love to see this game with more content! There's really not a lot you can do with only one wave of enemies. I never got to use the last tower because I never made enough money.

The game felt Very solid though!! You could totally expand on it!!

I love the concept of the game!! You definitely have a nice game concept here, but I would do some more play tests next time/next game to make sure the values set for player movement and enemy movement are reasonable! I found things to be waaaay to fast for me to handle what was going on.

That being said, I did get a score of 12!! Which I'm pretty proud of!!

I can't wait to see more from you!!

Of course! your second game is almost as important as your first! Actually I’d probably say it’s more important! Just make sure whatever your next game is or whatever the next tutorial you follow is, make sure your scope of the project is small enough to actually finish it!

I like the concept of this game but I was getting impatient with how slow the player was able to move. I would suggest changing those values.

The little cut scene was really awesome and made me really want to get that second egg!!

Hey, just tried out your game. It was really fun. Very fast paced.

You did this tutorial very well, I can't wait to see more stuff from you and see you grow!! Keep it all up and I'm sure you'll make even bigger games in the future!!

I got to download your game and it was really fun!! It seemed like a really big game so that was really cool!

I really wanted to give you a donation for this game because it was honestly really impressive! That being said, I did have some critiques:

There really needs to be some kind of music or sound in the game. Being left with the silence of my thoughts was painful to get through, lol. Even if not straight up  music, some ambient empty space sound improves a game by a lot right off the bat!

The third door puzzle was a bit too obvious, and I was really hoping it wasn't going to be the first one I was thinking it was going to be.

The maze was decent, but also so big I felt overwhelmed and could have easily been lost for a while. It would have been nice to have some hints to the right direction. Also I found that Easter Egg?? I liked it!!

And lastly, the offices where awesome!! Honestly I thought they were one of the best parts of the game! You set up those scenes really well and made some believable settings for me to run around in.

I kept thinking it'd be really nice to have something to interact with though, I really wanted to click on everything! XD

I loved this game and I tried out you're first game and while that one was fun, this game was awesome compared to it!! I really hope to see more games from you in the future, and I hope you make it so that I can donate to you on your next game, as long as it's as good as this one!

I absolutely love the gameplay systems you guys have coded up here!! It is very impressive what you've created here.

Some of my play throughs I was doing more searching than fighting, and while I get the feel that you guys are going for a Souls/Borne-Like the animations were very slow. Those games have long animations with long anticipation frames, but that doesn't mean they are slow by any means. If that's what you guys were trying to recreate.

I liked the models you guys made and the attack patterns of some of the enemies, even though I only saw 3 of them.

And the last thing I want to say is, it was a bit confusing how to pick up the items at first, but I eventually figured it out!

Love what you guys made here it was fun!!

These were some amazing puzzle designs! I loved it!

One small issue I noticed was some of the audio would pop when spinning around, so just something to look into maybe for your next project!

Other than that, great game and awesome design! Really liked it!!

Thank you so much for playing! I'm so happy you enjoyed this one and saw the impovements from my older projects!! I do have some work to make things more polished, but I can't wait to get better at that stuff!!

I hope to make a new project sooner rather than later so you just might see something soon!

I'm glad you liked the music and sounds! I made them myself by playing on my guitar in my closet XD. It was fun messing around with sound in a game and I really hope to get more involved with sound in future games!