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Making this game was! Stressful, sure, but fun nonetheless.

On a personal note it was also a nice change of pace from my usual workflow; usually I tend to obsess over the smallest details, but in this project I decided to go with the attitude of “make it work and move on”.

We’re working on an improved, bug-free version. Hopefully, it’ll work better.

Yeah, we’re aware of the bugs. Just getting it to build took far longer than it should’ve. We are working on a better version of the game though (e.g. not buggy, more features, etc). Feel free to try it out when we release it. (note: the “enemies not being killable bug” is one that just didn’t make sense - we did try to fix it, for some reason it only works sometimes)

Sadly, this is one of the bugs that we didn’t have time to fix. We’re currently working on an improved version of the game, which we hope will be, well, decently playable. (sidenote: we tried fixing this bug, but it reappeared constantly - no idea why)