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You can play the game now!

You can play the game now!

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Im working on a web version so you guys can play(the exe is not working)! That wont sadly support fullscreen and sound. 

I dont know if this can count as in the jam but here is the game in is really slow and bad, it does not support fullscreen and sound so I had to change a lot of code so there might be some bugs. 

Cool consept

(I was done with the project after 3 days and the days after that I tried to make a working exe)

Thank you for your recommendation. I started making games in python because that was the only language I knew and I wanted to get better at it. When my game was done I actually started to learn Unity because I want to learn a new language and Unity have many tutorials and seams like a good place for beginners up to a pretty high level.

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Ok thats sad but I'm happy you tried. If you want you could download python and add the code, data and add the library pygame.

Super fun idea just feals a bit to repetetiv

Everything is really good except that I didnt really know what to do on lvl 4 because I didnt know the lever opend both doors.

I found a problem that you cant walk sometimes and have to ga back and the forward again. Iy would also be nice if you added a pause menu.

Nice game, I found a but where you can shot when you are dead. You could also add a pause menu. Nice work!