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A member registered Aug 15, 2020

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Great! It should be infinite, I was just getting the feel of it!

Fitting music (although only in 1 ear..), cool artstyle. Wasn't obvious who I had to talk to after I found an Ivan. I think the concept could be expanded upon (like closed of areas before you talk to someone etc.)

Fun. But it never gets any difficult. These is no danger if you just stalk out the big ducks. I think there should be no limit on the amount of ducks on screen.

I really like the idea of these RMB and LMB actions. Controls feel a little unresponsive because you shoot in a direction of a ship, not of your cursor. Delay is small enough for you to not notice it, but sometimes I missed just because the ship was still rotating. Also I am not if I got to the control center, is it the yellow square?