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You can try to reduce the quality of the fog of war and other settings. But unfortunately the game is still being worked on and optimization isn't our priority at the moment. It should get better later on though.

Well the exe is inside the zip, you need to extract it. If you can't open the zip, maybe try to download it here:

Happens :p

Are you referring to the game over in the prologue? 

Of course make sure the sound is not disabled in the settings, but beside that could you send me your logs? C:/Users/USER_NAME/AppData/LocalLow/TeamDeadDeer/PriceForFreedom/Player.log

No music at all?

No, this is our first one.

Thank you, and yes we will have an android version eventually.

Probably not in the near future, but we have a few other web demos on newgrounds if you want:

Yeah not all the companions have their skills implemented at the moment. Eventually they will all have unique upgrades for all their skills. And yes whispering bandits is a patreon quest at the moment. For the damage it's hard to say it might be a bug since they are supposed to be consistent (no rng), but different skills affect the armor and health differently, so it might be just that. We will add more description to the items, but you can safely sell most of them, except the gears which can be useful in combat and the food which regenerate health outside combat.

I will check that out. Report all the bugs you find, we'll fix them.

Yes it will, but not in the near future.

Thanks, and yes that's intended. The combat is still a work in progress, so it will make more sense next updates.

Yeah we might add an updater to it, since it's getting big.

Until we make an actual updater, yes unfortunately.

We planned more content for her and the other girls in the brothel.

You should be able to just run the program directly.

Did you try with this?

You don't need to do anything, they will still be there.

Yes the tutorial quest is on rail. The free-roam comes after the prologue.

Not in this particular game. Except for a whole quest where you control Samara.

The game is made with Unity so I doubt it. We will make an android version eventually, but the desktop one is the priority atm.

Yeah we need to re-balance the combat for sure.

The saves carry on between versions, there is nothing to do.

No problem, feel free to join our discord if you have other questions:

Recent quests are patreon only, and older ones are public. You can get a full list here:

No, we only plan to have some FxF.

No, but we have more content planned for her.

Yes, but not before the game is done.

In case someone else has the same issue:

Hey, could you zip and send me this folder: C:\Users\YOUR_NAME_HERE\AppData\LocalLow\TeamDeadDeer\PriceForFreedom


Of course, you can easily reach us on discord.

Doing the quests and selling items you find should earn you enough. But it's not too well balanced yet.

I never tested it but it should work. You can try, a big part of the game is free.

The game might crash after a while but we have auto saves.

Could you zip and send me this folder: C:\Users\YOUR_NAME_HERE\AppData\LocalLow\TeamDeadDeer\PriceForFreedom


I will look at it.

Probably once the desktop version is done, we don't have resources to spare on android unfortunately.

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Yep, there is a skip combat button at the bottom right. We are reworking the combat system at the moment, to make it more interesting.

Hey, there is a dialogue editor in the game itself, but only patrons can access it at the moment. We might make it easier to translate later, but we are very busy finishing the game.

Hey, yes the game is saved into jpg, so it's easier to check their content.

Not this time, but we might make Osh'To scene public soon.