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If you did Mara quest you can ask her to help you for free instead.

Are you playing on windows? Or the browser version here?

Check the walkthrough if you are stuck.

Could you zip and send me your saves folder? C:\Users\USER_NAME\AppData\LocalLow\TeamDeadDeer\PriceForFreedom?

Send it at

You can skip the prologue when creating a new game, and yes we plan to make this scene avoidable in the future.

Does the update stays at 0%?

We will add one once the combat is more polished.

Indeed, it's a Unity game.

You are completely right, but porting the game to Android will require a significant amount of time that we don't have at the moment unfortunately. A lot of people have been requesting it though, so we will get to that when we get the chance.

No, you need a computer for now.

Yes, the web version is just a small demo.

Not safe for work, but otherwise yes.

Check the walkthrough whenever you are stuck.

Thank you!

Are you playing the web version? It's just a little demo with one scene. Download the desktop version for the whole game.

At least a bunch of months.

It is planned but hard to do in the near future.

Are you playing on windows?


Could you zip and send me your saves folder? C:\Users\USER_NAME\AppData\LocalLow\TeamDeadDeer\PriceForFreedom?

Send it at

Yes it's an issue with 23.4. We are making a patch to fix it now.

Download the new version of the game, it should fix it:

Yeah some people have experienced this. We found the issue and will make a patch shortly.

It's the building with a green band in the old docks. There is a pic of it in the walkthrough.

Thank you very much.

When we have time to work on it yes. But no idea when that will be unfortunately.

I might add this feature eventually but it's low priority for now. And for the saves location on mac, try to use terminal instead of finder: "cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/com.TeamDeadDeer.PriceForFreedom"

You can find where your save files are located here:

Copying this folder between devices shouldn't pose problem.

Maybe, there is a lot of text so it's time consuming and costly to translate everything. Russian in particular will be low priority unfortunately, given where that country is going...

I don't think we will have pregnancy during the game itself but at the end instead, when we describe the fate of each companion and characters depending on your actions during the game. So there might be a few wholesome scenes but don't expect something too significant.

We wont have an early access on Steam because Patreon is enough to finance the game and we want to release a finished and polished version on Steam. It gives us a clear goal to end this game.

The towels of the girls you laid is hidden when the game loads. And you can access the image in the game gallery. You might need the patreon version to see them all since a few girls aren't in the public build.

Strange, where are you from?

What do you mean? The web version is just a small demo, you can download the full game here:

The saves are the images files located in C:/Users/USER_NAME/AppData/LocalLow/TeamDeadDeer/PriceForFreedom on Windows. The string thing is only for debug purpose.

That's Lady Wolf, from the webcomic.

Thank you! Draw all the snakes.

Do you mean in the web version?

No the game is not available on mobile yet, only desktop. We will port it on android eventually.

Have you tried the links here?