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It won't become public since the goal is to sell the game here and on Steam once it is finished.

Eventually yes.

Well we plan to add an actual fight with Lady Wolf if you expose her there. But of course there is no way you can win either.

Could you post your issue in our discord bug tracker channel?

You aren't actually supposed to fight the whole thieves guild, you need to choose the proper answer in the dialogue. This was one of our first quests ever, we need to upgrade it a bit.

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No, nothing beyond simple customization, because Redic isn't a blank slate like in Skyrim for example, it's someone with an established past and backstory.

Ideally every 1/2 months, but we rarely manage to do that sadly. We don't plan to release more public quests since the goal is to sell the game on Steam and here when it's done. The public quests are more there to help people decide if they like the game enough to support it.

Press "H" to hide all the UI. But that's about it.

You can ask the devs on our discord:

Strange, could you try with a different browser?

There wont be any actual futa, the closest we'll have is creative use of dildo...

The full game will be sold here and on Steam when it is finished, but not before. Patreon / SubscribeStar community donations is the only way we are able to finance this game development properly, since we don't have the backing of publishers or investors, and we don't want to sell a half backed product. It's not ideal but there is no way around it.

Yes, this game is our main project. Gold & Sand is a little spinoff project with a self contained story happening before Avarice events. More about this here.

Not at the moment, only the combat is affected.

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Yes but you need Patreon to use it.

Yes the game will be available in a lot of languages including Russian (machine translated).

The web version is only the public build, without the patreon content. Check the walkthrough to see all the quests available.

It will be available here on as well. Hopefully Germans can get it here.

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Thank you. The game should be available in Chinese when it is released, well, machine translated Chinese.

Could you send a bug report (bottom left button in the main menu).

Yes, Gold & Sand will be in Itch as well.

Thank you!

Indeed, it will come one day.

Eventually yes.

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Aye that's the wrong way, there is a whole bandits company outside. Glad you enjoy the Hiho.

In which quest are you?

Did you check the walkthrough?

Yes it does, and other cheats.

The free version doesn't have all the quests. You can check which quests are free in the walkthrough.

There will be an android version eventually. You can try the web version in the meantime.

Yes we plan to translate it to Chinese too, even if it will only be a machine translation for now.

Try to begin the quest while the game is set to english. There seem to be a bug with the translation.

Thank you! At least here and on Steam, but probably elsewhere too.

We regularly do "cross promo" with other similar 2d porn games we like, and we just did one with FEYADA (which is another dev, not us).
I am not sure about the email you received (we didn't send any), I assume it's just notification for this post?

A little, but minimal.

Yes, eventually.

Yeah there will be one eventually.