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thank u <3

did u play it on one?

a friend did and it looked so good 

I only got like 2 references but they really made me cheer up

sadly wasn't on pseudophilosophical tumblr at its peak :/

thanku <3

that's just about the right way to experience it ^^

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thank u!! I'll give you a slight warning, the quality of the level declines (mainly 'seconds' are really low-effort for short competitions), it's best-work-first. I hope you still enjoy them! ^^

Fun little game with a unique movement mechanic and some gorgeous colored dunes! Very relaxing at first, but with a finicky challenge at the end

i loved that

goosebumps, and it felt too real, then afterwards i learned this is a real radio show woah

i love the twist on found-footage where here you "play" the tape and (spoiler) know you're not gonna make it, while the camera will.

that's a cool ass aesthetic and vibe


💕 thank u

Fathers, I beg of thee for a humble slice

I came here because I had an existential tea crisis and this helped


terrifyingly lovely..

Brilliant, it moves

Thanks a lot for sticking with it and releasing it <3

I don't remember playing a game that's so short and yet has so much personality 🌿

"God Bles Everyone" stuck with me longer than I expected

holy sh#t this was intense

headphones are mandatory!

This is art.