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Wow, that is a long time! We really appreciate your patience and hope that it's all worth it in the end. Thank you so much for these super kind words, we are honoured! TT

Sleepi, thank you so much for the lovely comment and support, it really goes a long way! We really hope this all ends up worth the long wait for you! 🥰💗

Sorry to say, but there are no dating sim elements in the game 😔 We are flattered that he holds that power over you though sjdfk

No problem, B's a girl! 

The demo is 4 years old and left up just for legacy's sake. It doesn't represent our current vision and is not at all canon anymore, but some people certainly find it more enjoyable than the prologue due to its emphasis on interactivity and visuals.

The prologue is usually recommended as it's canon and a lot more similar to the full game in style, making it a much better indicator of whether or not you'll enjoy the final product. 

That said, the full game will be sort of like a mixture of both.

Thank you!! 💕

😭thank you for your patieeence! we're aiming for March now, but you know us...

It certainly feels like it's taken forever 😂 Glad you liked it, thank you!

😅 Understandable...



Which version are you having trouble with, the demo or the prologue?

Searching it up, it seems that specific error message can be fixed by overriding malware protection, as in the install instructions above. We haven't heard anything about the game actually damaging any computers!

Hope this helps!

Thank you, we hope you end up liking it!

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Hello nico! I recognize you from your really supportive comments a long time ago, so it's nice to hear from you again! Thank you for playing and sharing your feedback, it's always welcome!

Actually, we've always wanted to properly address this. We've touched on it in a few places (Kickstarter and somewhat in Itch Dev Logs), but it's hard to reach our entire player base with this very important message. So, we're super glad you asked!

As the years have passed since our first demo, our vision has changed slowly but significantly. These changes came with changes in our own selves and tastes, and we know that with that, there will be a shift to parts of our original target audience inevitably.

We started this project not truly understanding what makes a visual novel a visual novel, and had the vaguest idea of our vision and story. We trusted in our mechanics and aesthetic over the story, not really being too versed in writing (we still aren't). I (alwayspolite) personally and naively believed we could surpass the entire medium of visual novels by relying on the freedom our game engine afforded us, and by making it as anime-like or comic-like as possible, using tons of little low-effort CGs (as if there weren't already games doing that!). Our initial mindset dunked on narration. And for a while, we stuck with it.

After several script drafts, we realized the story just wasn't working. So, we tried delving fully into the world of visual novels, consuming all sorts and genres — classic masterpieces, Japanese, English, indies with shoestring budgets, etc. and have come to understand what truly matters is, yep, the story aspect. Not only has doing that helped us with developing a proper story (as in, not just random events strung together), it made us, yeeees, come to love, and thus adopt that style of writing that more resembles a novel over a screenplay (sorry!) 

The dialogue tags are a side effect of my love for actual novels, so I also apologize for the redundancy that will spawn. I hope people can get used to it, but I understand the issue, for sure. Your comment is a good reminder to hold back on them when I can, so again, thank you! (they'll never be completely gone, though >:D)

So far, this probably sounds like a lot of negatives. Showing is a lot more popular than telling, which has negative connotations, and we get it — we've always loved shows and games that can tell their stories, character developments and the like through subtle quirks of expression and action. But, I've also come to appreciate the depths of emotion one can reach by having that window into a character's thoughts, the core of their being, without having only their actions to go by. There's no telling if we'll be effective at this; only time will tell...

All that said, we went in fully knowing the prologue would be completely different from the first demo, but also knowing that the full game would be sort of like a combination of both. Yes, it will be less about being B and more about learning about her, and the story structure has changed a lot, focusing more on the dark struggles and humanity of the characters and less on just relaxing with them (though we've tried to retain some of that). Rest assured, there are still remnants from the legacy demo, e.g., underlying stat mechanics, items, mini-games, etc, BUT they are far less center stage.

It's always been a concern that we're alienating players (especially any who weren't expecting to be doing so much reading!), and for that we'll always be sorry, but we can only hope that, while some are disappointed they aren't getting a straight extension of the legacy demo, that they will try and play through the game regardless. If not we can only try to be prepared for the backlash and take it with as much open-mindedness as possible.

Of course, we also want potential players to be fully aware of what they're getting into before they buy, which is why the first demo is now labeled Legacy. That might still be confusing, so I'll likely link to this explanation or paste it on the game's main pages... somehow.

Thank you again! We personally still feel we're making something unique, but just unique in a different way. Our vision has now solidified, which is good considering we're trying to release as soon as possible...! We completely understand if you end up opting out if the above sounds off-putting to you, but if you do give it a shot, I can only hope our vision will end up jiving with you to any extent after all!

edit: oof I could talk about this all day. if there are still any concerns to address, let us know! 

Also, so there's no confusion, the kickstarter has ended, so there's no need to worry about donating to it. But thank you so much for the kind thought 🥰

Great to hear!

Hello! That's strange... First, which software are you using to open the zip folder? Something along the lines of WinRAR or 7-Zip usually work.

Sorry for the late response!

You can generally play them in any order, but just know that the prologue is more accurate (writing wise) to the actual game ^^ 

The demo isn't necessary, but if you do want to try it you'll have to keep in mind that at this point it's not really connected to the full game in terms of story, and is extremely old art wise.


It will be! We'll do our best! ❤️

Wow, thank you so much for the extremely kind words! 🥰 We hope you end up enjoying the full game as well!

This isn't at all official, and take it with a grain of salt, but we're aiming for November...! 😭

😭We're sorrryyyy😭

(If you haven't already, feel free to join our Discord for updates on progress!!)

Thank you so much! 💕

Hello! We absolutely plan for translations into other languages, but which ones (French for sure!) and how long they'll take after the English release is unknown. Thank you!

Planning to sell it at approximately $8 US!

We're glad to hear you solved it, and, if it ends up working all the way through, we hope you enjoy it!

Ahhh, thank you very much inelegance!! It really makes us happy to hear that we were able to hit those notes we were aiming for ♪ We will do our very best!

Our vision for the game has changed quite a bit since the legacy demo, more embracing traditional visual novel styles. The prologue reflects our current writing better but is intentionally limited in scope and art to quickly tell a short little story. Our screencaps and gameplay trailer show what the full game will look like — basically, a mix of the prologue and the legacy.

 😭 Oh how we wish we knew... Aiming for September, but won't make any promises for now!

Thanks for letting us know! Ahhh... that's a whole other issue! Super strange if you can play the demo but not the prologue; not sure what would be causing that difference.  I'm not sure if you're still interested in trying the prologue (it's been a long time, after all) but do you think you could post a screenshot of the security risk error it shows you?

We'll continue to be on the lookout for your crash! And, if any of these errors appear in the full version (hopefully not) please don't be afraid to reach out again and we'll certainly try to sort through it!

Thank you so much!

Hello! We know it's been a long time, but just wanted to follow up in case you were still interested: we finally got that new version up along with new instructions.

Hello, I know it's been absolute ages, but we just uploaded the new notarized version along with new instructions on how to make it work, if you're at all still interested!

Thank you so much~! There aren't any romantic options, as the game is focused on friendship!

Hihihi we're flattered 🤭 We hope you like her in the full game!

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A checkmark setting the MacOS to 64 bit was all it took to set things right! 

As a bonus, we also realized that we should probably set the Windows version to 64 bit only as well.

Thanks again!

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OH, I finally see what's happening. I opened up the Steam page on my Mac 10.15 and I'm seeing that same odd notice about 10.15 or above, etc. This might have something to do with our settings for Mac build, we'll look into it and see if we can have that rectified (it should certainly be 64-bit, and be totally compatible!) 

Thank you so much for drawing our attention to this!

(1 edit)

No worries! But I think I might have misread your post? If you're on MacOS 11 or above, you should be able to run the game fine.

So, in Gamemaker (our engine), there's a certain method of compiling that's required to make a Steam build. (Specifically: VM vs YYC. VM being the build on here, YYC being the build required for Steam)

Trying to test that build on our 10.15 Mac tells us that 11.0 or later is required to run the application.

We haven't tested it on Steam yet, but we assume it'll be the same as trying to run it from the desktop. Maybe it might be something to do with our settings. We'll be sure to look into it more!

It will be paid for, with a planned price of around $8 US.

Okay so this is just a little bit complicated, but given our current engine, any Mac build on Steam won't accept anything below 11.0 (apparently).

We should still be able to release a build compatible with MacOS 10+ here on Itch, just like the prologue.

We'll let you know if this turns out to be false somehow, or if we find some way around this (admittedly, we haven't looked into it too hard yet) We're sorry for any inconvenience!

Thank you for playing the prologue ❤ We're so glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you for bringing this to our attention! If you've played it, did this occur at all in the Prologue? It uses quite a different build (the one the full game is being built off of).

We haven't received any reports like this yet as far as I can remember, but either way we'll be certain to look into it!

In fact, we've been preparing the Steam page recently, so be on the look out! Thank you! 🥰

Hello! Unfortunately, there seems to be another problem that, at least for us, seems to (in our experience) only affect newer Macs, where it simply tells us the app can't be opened.

We've tried several fixes (chmod +x) to no avail. We're holding out hope that notarizing the app (giving it to Apple to approve of, basically) will solve the issue. We sent it off a few days ago but no word back yet, which is odd. We'll try and sort that out and get back to you if we upload a fixed build!

Thank you!