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First things first: is the sound on in the settings in-game? 

If that's not it,  maybe a re-install/download will do the trick (again, making sure all the files from the rar are in the same folder).

Outside of that, I'm not sure what else it might be or what we could do :/

Thank you so much! So sorry to hear you're having trouble with that. If you have everything from the downloaded rar file in your game's folder, I can't think of any reason that the sound wouldn't work... are you on PC or Mac?

yay, so glad you ended up liking it! thank you so much for the kind words! <'33

AW, that's SO kind of you to say; thank you! We're really happy that it managed to provide some relaxation as well <3<3

Aaa thank you so much for playing our game, we're happy you're enjoying it so far! <'33 

Hi terikumo! Thank you <3 we're so glad you liked it! The game will be paid (for around $8 USD)

Also, the names is more of a full gamso don't worry about it :> 

Thank you so much, we're so glad you liked it! <33

Aww we're glad our game could touch you even if just a little  QvQ

We appreciate you coming back to leave this lovely comment! Hope you'll enjoy the full version when it comes out; thank you! <3

We're so sorry to hear that! We understand that it is really hard to attempt to skip through this demo (trust us, we've had our fair share of clicking through while troubleshooting).  We're at least glad you liked what you managed to play through! 

This is actually the older demo so the crash might be a remnant of this older version. That said, we wouldn't be surprised if it was still there in the newer one. Just how it goes sometimes...

Either way, thank you for playing and bringing these issues to our attention, we will look into all of them moving forward!

Aaa, thank you so much for the kind words! We really hope you enjoy the full when it's released, we're revamping a lot of things including the free time! ^v^

Thank you, we're so glad you enjoyed it! <3

We're so glad you liked the demo this much!! Really hope you end up enjoying the full version as well! ^^

Seriously, that is SO kind of you. Thank you so much  for the lovely words!! <3

That's super nice of you, thank you! QvQ

Thanks so much for playing our game Josh, your commentary was great and we hope you enjoy the rest of the demo! <3

Wahh thank you so much for the kind comment! And thank you for the critiques on the game, we definitely agree with all of them and we've been quite critical of it ourselves for a while, so we have already changed parts of the story to hopefully add more impact and weight to the story + characters. Also yeah the UI is in quite a rough state in the demo, so we'll do our best to polish it up!

Wow this is such a kind comment, thank you so much! We're so glad that you enjoyed it <3

So glad to hear that, thank you!

Sorry we saw this so late! You can find the save/load tab in the notebook!

This is so flattering, thank you very much edein! QuQ 

We really appreciate you checking it out!  Thank you so much for the lovely words and recommendations — we'll do our very best to fulfill expectations! 💕

Thanks for playing, we're so glad you liked it <3 The characters are purposely named after letters for story-ish(?) reasons!

Aaa thank you so much for your lovely comment! The composer, who goes by AlwaysPolite, is one of two devs on the team (who also programs and writes!)

We can't really think of any one song or artist since we cover so many genres and have so many different inspirations.

So glad you ended up liking it! <3

We're glad it worked out! We hope you end up liking it after having to work around all that :>

No worries! B's a girl, but other characters upon first meeting her assume she's a man based off her appearance. She just never bothers to correct anyone ^^

We really appreciate the kind words merliah, thank you for playing! <3

Hi Voltex! This is a known issue with the Mac version that we unfortunately can't do anything about, at least that we know of right now. Did you try the instructions found here?

That should bypass the problem. Let us know!

Thank you so much v0retherich, we're happy you liked it! ^u^

Oh my goodness this is extremely kind, thank you so much kelvinh! <'33 Thanks for playing, we're so glad you enjoyed it!

Wahh thank you method z!! We will keep you in mind when the game is ready for translation ^^

Thank you very much doriachuu! At the moment we're not planning to release on Switch, but depending on how the reception is for the full game we'll definitely consider it!

Aaa thanks so much polpetone! QvQ

Thank you so much MRevial, you're too kind! <'3

Haha understandable; thank you so much Edible! ^^

Ah, thank you so much for both the extremely kind words, and for bringing those serious issues to our attention! The Mao issue should be a simple fix, but the slowing down over time is going to be more of a head scratcher as we optimize the full version. Again, we seriously appreciate your valuable input!

Unfortunately, that'd be spoilers! (But there is a reason)

We appreciate the comment, thank you so much, miratti! :)

Aaaa wow this is so sweet! Thank you so much, that means the world to us  <'33 We hope you'll like the full game just as much!