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Huge thumbs up! Really enjoyed the atmosphere, sounds and mechanics. The game spins an original twist on the streaming game format and integrates the chat well into the gameplay. 9.1 / 10
We created a video of our playthrough here:

Hey T-0400tp that is awsome dude! thanks

Thank you so much for playing and thank you for the very detailed bug report and feedback. 

We will definetaly take a look at those issues mentioned, I agree that a gallery would be awesome and something we might want to take a look at in the future.

There is no potato setting unfortunately. Maybe in the future. Thank you for the feedback however!

Love that you got goosebumps! Thank you very much for your playthrough! It was very entertaining :)

That's awesome to hear PEK, you are welcome any time! Thanks for the entertaining video.

Thank you for kind words and good feedback Stangz! 

Thanks for letting us know. Did a restart fix it?

That is not optimal, thanks for the feedback! Good flow and comfortable pace, thanks for your video. 

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it, overall very cool video and gameplay to watch! It made us happy. 

Hi rtghd, thanks for playing! There is a door in the secret hallway  that the key unlocks.  

Thank you for playing. Fast and on point. Glad you liked it 🤘

Thanks for playing! We are glad you enjoyed it, great video!

The camera unlocks some things, and is quite handy for navigation. We'll make sure to make that more clear in the next patch. Thank you for the video and feedback!

It is something else indeed. Thanks for the video 🤘

Thanks for the feedback man, appreciate it. You found the most important information, but we'll have to leave some crumbs 😉

That's an interesting interpretation! Thanks for your in-depth playthrough! 

Thanks for playing Levont 👌

Means a lot! Entertaining format 👌

Noble advice by the way, hydrate the people! 

Hi The Fringe! Thanks for playing our game. We are going to patch the rare issue/glitch as soon as possible. We are super glad that you enjoyed the game anyways! 

Thanks, that means a lot! We are really proud of our narrative, glad you liked it 🤘

Hi thanks for playing our game! We loved the video!

Thank you for cheeking in Queen Faith. Hope you had a enjoyable stay!

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Thanks for playing our game VFTD! We loved your video so much. Hope your stay was enjoyable, was fun peeping at you <3!

Thanks for playing regardless. We want to address more options for graphics coming soon. 

You caught all major pieces of information, that's good! It's a very experimental game. Appreciate your feedback. 

Thanks again! 

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Hey Gamersnation, thanks for checking in to the hotel! Glad you enyoyed your stay!