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Monument Valley vibes (^w^)

Awesome game! Consider nerfing the big blue bots so that they have to reload every once in a while or add more cover to sections with them (otherwise, their spam is pretty hard to avoid)

Now that I think about it, I think Bitsy 3D could be great for games along the lines of Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker.

awesome! An Android version would be amazing!

It's simply brain-candy! ^w^

That backstory sounds like...reverse Halo

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Going through something like that right now. Take care

Same happened to me, haha. Ur style is very reminiscent of Floraverse, btw! :D

Hmmm...this might be awkward, but...are you on Discord? I'm Teabeast#2181. Think we could kinda click! Just trynna keep in touch with charming folks I've found online (>wO)

Heyo! Sorry about ur week, I have issues properly executing my ideas quite often as well :/ Take care, pal! Nice to see someone using two of my fave tiny-yet-mighty creation tools! :3

Lovely! Who else was involved in the project?

Another game that deals with chronic fatigue issues is called Robin. It's a really frustrating thing to have..

SO RAD!! That's totally my aesthetic! Seriously, I'm actually developing a cyberpunk universe that's shockingly similar in terms of tone and style. It's called Silicon Cages and it's about virtual pets living on a digital realm known as PetNet governed by a cynical megacorporation.

Cool, le dará una leída. Yo también escribo poesía ;3

Awww! (pink, cactus head)

Gosh, looks wonderful! FUN FACT: I kinda wanna make a PICTOCHAT spiritual successor named "SKETCHAT"

Woah, the creature is really disturbing, loved it

Yeah, that's what happens when you have absolutely zero gamedev experience and still participate in a jam. I'm more of a writer (and even the writing was kind of a mess in that "game")

Finished the first boss. I couldn't survive the swarm for too long, though. Can't blink for a second in this game.

Tight gunplay/swordplay, nice AI. Love it!

I am good with pixel art, game design and writing. But I'm just learning how to code. Can I join?