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This could truly be one of the best games currently on As I was playing this game I got cuphead and L.A. Noire vibes Lol this was truly one amazing game and just loved everything about it. Really hope the Devs end making a part 2 that is much more longer.

Loved this game, really scary and kept me tense throughout the whole video. Was trying to figure out if there was something more going on behind the scenes. Pretty sure there is, but nevertheless. Awesome game Devs!

An awesome, scary, fun, full of jumpscares horror game. This was one really fun game to play. All the jumpscares had me close to jumping out of my seat LOL and just the ambience was terrifying. Loved it!

Not much to say, except watch and expect the unexpected. Honestly, just brilliant LOL!

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This was a great, terrifying game that had me scared and tense throughout the whole gameplay. One part I definitely won't forget is when I tried to remove the mask and that slight jump-scare happened, I jumped out of my seat LOL! Also gave me lots of Bendy vibes. Loved it!

If you just want to watch gameplay without any reacting or commentary this video will be perfect for you

And if you did enjoy it please leave a LIKE and show the video some love by commenting or if you want to leave some tips on how to improve the video and gameplay.

Awesome Demo. Garbage muscle man scared the hell out of me! Getting the full game as soon as it comes out. If you guys want the demo gameplay (not walkthrough) without commentary then check out the video below

Awesome Game Guys! Scared the hell out of me Lol Loved every moment of it. Maybe just the flash light irritated me a little but otherwise a great game. Can't wait for the full release. If you want a full demo walkthrough without any commentary then I hope you guys enjoy the video below