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love the vibes of the art/music

and reach out and reach out and reach out and reach out and reach out and reach out and reach out and reach out and reach out and reach out and reach out and reach out and reach out and reach out and reach out and reach out and reach out and reach out 

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you win....but at what cost....

tree be like: can I please have a glass of water

do you want the short answer or the long answer

Cool! Lots of fun and love the art for the characters when they talk.

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really fun and silly sounds

you've gotta be shitting me its another stepford game i shoulda known

wrote mo bamba to this thanks



du du du du

i admit i had to cheat one time for that number puzzle with the painting but other than that i never did again... good job

pretty fun. i found a strat where i use both left click and z at the same time to get a faster click rate. 

really cool mechanic and real fun

this was really sad and well made

really fun and nice art

i like how even with all the crazy stuff going on it still feels like blackjack

getting a trap card and trying as hard as i possibly can to go over 21 is some of the most fun ive had in a card game


extremely unique feels like a cool version of chess was super annoying to get the right formation i love it

not bad! i beat the whole thing and had fun. with some balancing and more variation would be a lot more fun. looking forward to full project.

the cat economy is in shambles. they are experiencing inflation beyond our human comprehension


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pretty fun! negatives and positives:


only real bug i encountered is sometimes the hit detection was a bit off on the rocks and trees at the end. near the endgame, the rocks would sometimes stop registering i was hitting them by playing a sound effect when i was torching them.

not a lot of content here, which is perfectly fine.

unsure what the loss conditions are. can the enemies run the meter on the left to the bottom? Is that how you lose?


really unique roguelike idea! not only is the gameplay cool, but the worldbuilding is neat as well. I like the simplicity of "fight the ice, protect the fire". The day night cycle of combat makes perfect sense too.

if you build on this game with more enemies, weapons, an upgrade system, etc, i think you could make something people would buy to play!

show this to anyone you want to work together with as a project, i think plenty of people would be stoked to have a programmer who made something like this. great work.

great concept. improving the animations and adding more features could make this into a really cool full game. something to consider doing if you guys think about it.

one thing i will say though, is maybe look into some more leaguey type stuff, i mean like

characters whose main source of damage is their abilities instead of weapons

i found myself often running characters like the shark so i wouldn't use abilities too often. if we translate to league i guess the weapons are the character's "auto attack" but obviously different. i think you get what i mean. 

excited to see where this goes as its a really unique idea.

really nice inspiration from league and roguelikes like vampire survivors looking forward to completed game!

really fun and unique. an idea, you could have an enemy type whose corpse has a chance to have more enemies inside like maggots or something. great game.

crazy fun looking forward to full game

nice pretty fun

really really fun! great combination of isaac and stuff like vampire survivors. i could see this being a very successful full game.

very fun

best game ive ever played

If you don't want to read the full review: I'll keep it simple, Wounded Summer Baby Edition tries, and unfortunately fails, to beat the well designed formula of The Patriots: Baby Edition.

It pains me to provide such a polished action story game with a mixed review.

Tecumseh is a baby with the heart of a warrior, out on his first hunt to prove to his tribe he can provide for them, but when he returns things go terribly wrong.

Let's start with the positives, In Wounded Summer, you see huge strides in programming and game design technology from Hammer Games, such as innovative platforming  sections and snappier, more engaging gunplay.

This is where one of the negatives comes in, however. In The Patriots, you had access to a massive arsenal of 3 weapons ranging from pistols to a shotgun. In Wounded Summer you only have access to your trusty bow and arrow.

Another flaw for me is the storyline. While engaging and full of drama, it felt lacking in both length and a thoughtful ending line when compared to The Patriots. 

I highly doubt any future Baby Edition games will ever compare to The Patriots dramatic and truly inspiring final line of the game.

Returning to positives, Hammer Games went above and beyond what was expected in terms of character design, avoiding just copy pasting their fan favorite baby character and instead creating an entirely new character with an eye-catching Native American headdress. 

Overall, Wounded Summer was quite a fantastic game, but left me both wanting and expecting more. If you've never played a Baby Edition game before, I reccommend starting with The Patriots. Play this if you want more. 

4.5 stars out of 5.

incredibly based young man.




she popped off with the flute

is this online multiplayer yet? i think im fighting bots. i understand its an autobattler but i get matches wayy too fast

my eyesare bleeding

i can see the post void influence really good stuff