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That's actually super helpful.  Thanks for the feedback.

Perfect.  Thanks!  

Well, if they aren't there, I'll re-build and let you know when I updated.

Yeah! I had a great time.  I've been rating other games, but haven't sent in a favorite.  I still have time, right?

Thanks for your thoughts and encouragement.  Yeah, at this point the exe is the same as the swf.  I may branch out at some point in the future, but right now the redundancy is to help folks like you.  BUT There should be separate levels...unless I got my versioning wrong.  Are there separate levels with different titles?

Thanks!  Yeah, I wonder if I should crank up the difficulty and variation sooner, based on earlier comments.  Some of the beta testers ( friends and family) had trouble getting through some of the early levels.  Yeah, after 5 things crank up a lot.  Thanks for trying it!

Yup.  My absolute first game and definitely JUST a prototype.  I made it for a GameJam, which was mostly an incentive to do it.  There's a lot that I would like to do with it and I agree that altering speeds and having more target types would be good.  But it was a lot to knock out with a day job in a month.  Thanks for the ideas...maybe I'll try a few out when I have the time.

Ok...that's super simple, but a lot of fun.  I really want new game mechanics as I get through the levels.  And I keep sort of bumping my head on bad luck right out of the gate.  Still, super cool little game.

Cool.  Thanks for sticking with it.  Let me know how it goes.

That's really strange.  I created it using  Clickteam Fusion 2.5.  No custom code additions on my part.  I uploaded both an swf and an exe.  I wonder if whatever behavior is triggering this response is present in both.  If you could provide any additional information, I'll try to figure out what is going on.  Thanks!