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I like the idea a lot, with a bit of polish its can turn great.

Great idea, never seen, something like this 


for me the wall jump is a bit clunky

I dont like the sprites but THE GAMEPLAY omg, when i realize I can press Q to slow time i was shocked, thanks for this good demo

I love it, i feel like in my town

You need to make a full game.

I play like a multiplayer for 1 person, it's pretty cool.

Omg, this game is so good and sooo hard at the same time. 

(space funeral + bee movie)

In the middle its get a little boring (because of the same tiles you use) but for your first gamejam is 8/10. :3 

(sorry for my shit english) 

Unfortunately, my shit browser doesn't work with flash, but I read splatoon demake and already love it.

I need more of this.

OMG, I'm go for the titties and keep playing for the gameplay and the pixel art, it's so fun and cute.

I don't know if is just for me but when I reach the trash can, no more option appears for me (I pressed the RMB and go to "next" in the options and after that, it goes to the guy standing outside), the art and the soundtrack is so good and immersive, I need to play more things like this.

I enjoy the game and found a little bug, if you jump in a ladder you stuck for a second I think. 

The game is cute but the player movement is to slow and I found a bug, when you die you restart invincible with 0 lives.

I hate my computer for not run this in a good fps, but nice job, the art is just beautiful

OMG, someone actually plays the game, thanks so much for the comment.