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I like the idea a lot, with a bit of polish its can turn great.

Great idea, never seen, something like this 


for me the wall jump is a bit clunky

I dont like the sprites but THE GAMEPLAY omg, when i realize I can press Q to slow time i was shocked, thanks for this good demo

I love it, i feel like in my town

You need to make a full game.

I play like a multiplayer for 1 person, it's pretty cool.

Omg, this game is so good and sooo hard at the same time. 

(space funeral + bee movie)

In the middle its get a little boring (because of the same tiles you use) but for your first gamejam is 8/10. :3 

(sorry for my shit english) 

Unfortunately, my shit browser doesn't work with flash, but I read splatoon demake and already love it.

I need more of this.

OMG, I'm go for the titties and keep playing for the gameplay and the pixel art, it's so fun and cute.

I enjoy the game and found a little bug, if you jump in a ladder you stuck for a second I think. 

The game is cute but the player movement is to slow and I found a bug, when you die you restart invincible with 0 lives.

I hate my computer for not run this in a good fps, but nice job, the art is just beautiful

OMG, someone actually plays the game, thanks so much for the comment.