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T.C. Robson

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I really like this game! I really hope to see the concept built upon into a larger game, perhaps with some reasoning behind the lack of visuals (maybe you're playing as someone who has been blinded?). 

Another awesome adventure! Could use some more Chook, though. :) 

Had a great time with this - I even roped my fiancé into trying his hand at it! (He's a bit better than me, but not much. :) ) Thanks for the heads up on this great game!

I had such a fun time with this! Great job for such a short period of development - the gameplay is very smooth!

I had a great (but short) time with this! I hope there will be an expansion on this idea at some point - it's adorable and entertaining!

Such an adorable game - I could definitely see this being expanded upon. The characters are wonderful! Great job!

I think the underlying idea and story of this one went a bit over my head, but I really like the mechanics for this one!

I've just started this game and I'm already loving it! The graphics are gorgeous, the little voice acting additions really add to the immersion - so happy I'm playing it for my channel!

The game makes so much more sense now that I've read about it on the Waterlines website! I didn't know what it was connected to when I was recording it. A bunch of Bobs died instead. :(

I had so much fun with this game! The gameplay mechanics are so clever! Absolutely well done!

Very beautiful visuals (I am actually using the picture of the tree as my wallpaper on my computer now) and great writing! I enjoyed diving into the game a bit!

Such an awesome little game! I really hope to see more of it in the future!

I had a lot of fun with this game, and I did surprisingly well at it! Thank you, Sugar Rushes! :D

So happy to see a Supernatural game out there! This is one of the first I've seen!

Had a lot of fun with this game! The illustrations are very well done - keep up the awesome work!

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A very interesting and adorable game!

This game made me thankful that I have a fiancé and don't have to go through this.

A great concept for a game! Wonderful job!

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Even though I ran into a few videos that wouldn't play, this was a ton of fun, and such a great concept! I really enjoyed it!


I loved this game so much! I can't wait to see what other stories you guys release - I'm absolutely hooked!

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Really enjoyed this game! It was such an interesting experience! Can't wait to see what else you produce!

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I loved this game - I hope my analysis was somewhat close to your intended vision! Well done.

This was a very interesting game - well done for just a week in development!

Thank you for the links! I will definitely check them out!

- T.C.

This was a very strange game, but I will give it credit - it had me contemplating its meaning looooooooong after I played it. Not many games can do that.

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Had an awesome time playing this, though my lack of Star Trek knowledge definitely revealed itself! Great work on this game!

- T.C.