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I have played the real version. And this version. This one is far superior

Yes I agree

Hi! What seems to be the error your experiencing? You can join us on the discord for more help by reporting what happens when you launch the program in the bug reporting channel! The games development team will be happy to help and I will try to help where I can!

Been waiting for 2 years. Still not here

Ah much more understandable. My apologies for being harsh its just I've played this game a lot and can make a few billion each time.

Well done! I have never seen someone suck that much!

Well within the next 7 days expect new steam download!

LESS go full release. Can I have a key?

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The game is not malware I have run through malware testing software already. (Avast, malwarebytes and AVG) they first identify it as a virus but after a full scan they discover it is not.

It is perfect for multiplayer. I have already made an auto updating launcher and a modding framework for the community. Maybe I can make an external multiplayer mod.

Ex-game dev here, for them to make multiplayer it would be extremely difficult and expensive depending on the method. If they use p2p (free, player to player)

then they would encounter bugs such as seeing the other players cursor or overlaying UI

If they used a dedicated server, it would cost them alot of money. (My game deceit my team was having to pay a few thousand dollars on servers)

Google play buyer. Good game. Might rebuy


Chromebook runs linux. Specifically debian. older ones will run ubuntu.

Needs a few improvements but it good.

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Looking forward to full release! Its short but I like its style. When its released will it be free or paid?

Hi! IRL buyer here! Game is on its way! Can I have a discount or something since I cannot afford the expansions at the moment and I intend to play with 5+ players. Thanks.

I used to speedrun this game back in 2018. I love this game

its 2022 now. they are taking long

Can I have access to the embed game code?

has a lot of potential. I look forward to its full release! When it comes out will this game be paid? if so can I get a free copy or if game is $5 or less I can buy it.

interesting. I may just buy it... but it would be better free but I guess you have to pay for good games.

Ok. Noice. I will withdraw my money from my products to paypal and then buy ur game. :)

I know theres ak but what else.

if theres more you might just have a buyer...