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No worries, keep it up!

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Cool game!

I have some issues tho 

1. Options get reseted each death or level, which is stressful

2. i think you should make the movement less slippery and more accurate, but that´s just me.

All in all, i like the style of the game aswell as the fact that you have to aim upwards to hit the enemys, interesting and fun. Graphics style is also cool and the music is alright. I´d like to see the 1. getting fixed but i still like your game, good job! :)

1. No options menu

2. No indicator except for the small arrow, which takes away accuracy. Even if wanted, takes away gameflow and barely makes that up with originality or challenge.

But: Great idea, cool levels, cute graphics

All in all -> mediocre execution.

I would love to see a better version of this game sometime soon, as of right now it´s just exhausting to play for me personally.

This.. is.. well.. Gameplay wise it´s.. *sigh* for the milk!